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Welcome to “The John Tesh Podcast,” where  SIX TIME Emmy-winning and Grammy-nominated musician & composer, award-winning journalist and former host of “Entertainment Tonight”, invites you on a transformative journey towards discovering your life’s purpose and conquering life’s challenges.

In “The John Tesh Podcast,” we delve deep into the profound questions of life, offer insights on overcoming adversity, and provide practical guidance on personal transformation. John’s own remarkable journey, which includes working as a Correspondent for CBS News, hosting two Olympic Games, cohosting “Entertainment Tonight,” and overcoming what was supposed to be a terminal Cancer diagnosis, has paved the way for a podcast that will inspire and empower you.

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John Tesh Podcast
Tossing thoughts in the trash. The one leg balance effect. Playing piano and vocabulary. The perils of late night eating

For a mood boost, go somewhere that's at least 15 miles away from home. Research from University College London found that people who regularly traveled 15 miles outside of their local area felt healthier than those who stayed close to home. And that was especially true for people over age 50! Why? Because people who travel outside their comfort zone tend to visit more places and meet more people! And those are key factors that improve mental and physical health.

Eating at night leads to weight gain... even if you're not eating any more than you normally do! So why is that? According to the Autonomous University of Chile, it's because our bodies burn more energy during the day... so as the sun sets, our metabolism naturally slows down, helping us prepare for sleep. That means we're not processing food as efficiently. And in a study of 5,000 people, those who ate after 8 p.m. had waists that were two inches bigger—even though they ate the same calories and had the same activity levels as those who eat earlier in the day.

The next time you're obsessively worrying about something, write it down on a piece of paper, rip it up, and toss it in the trash. According to a study in the journal Psychological Science, doing that can reduce your anxiety in 15 minutes. That's because our brain handles thoughts as if they were objects. And by taking the thought out of your brain and putting it on paper, you release it. Then, by destroying it and throwing it away, it enables your brain to do the same—so you can move on.

Do you get overwhelmed when you wake up and realize you've got a super-busy day ahead of you? Instead of freaking out about your to-do list, try this: While you're brushing your teeth, stand on one leg... And think about what you need to tackle. Studies show that balancing on one leg increases blood flow to the area of the brain that controls planning... And you'll find yourself better able to focus on one item at a time, and map out your day's schedule.

Sales of electric vehicles have slowed. So what can get more people to buy them? Manufacturers think NOISE is the answer! Companies are making them sound more like traditional cars. Typically, fake engine noise is played through a vehicle's speakers. Manufacturers like BMW, Ford, and Porsche all do it. And if an electric car feels too easy to drive, Toyota is building a simulated stick shift that will let drivers pretend to “change gears,” and the system may even pretend to stall if the driver incorrectly shifts.

Sales of “dumb phones” are increasing! Those are phones without apps. The company that manufactures Nokia phones saw its sales of flip phones double last year.

How can playing the piano make you a better person? By enhancing your listening skills and emotional intelligence! According to research from Yale University, people who play the piano are generally good listeners. And studies show that musicians are more perceptive when it comes to interpreting and acknowledging other people’s emotions. That skill also makes a person more compassionate about others. And the part of your brain that governs your ability to listen also makes it easier for you to understand and retain what people say, remember new vocabulary words, and even learn a foreign language.

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(00:04) Mood Boost and Evening Eating Impact
(08:51) Letting Go Through Psychological Science
(11:43) Brain Activation and Electric Vehicle Balance
(22:19) The Power of Playing Piano

May 10, 2024 8:54 AM

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John Tesh Podcast
Hanging Out with Sheep for Sleep; Big dollars for trade Jobs; Wall Sits for Longevity; Psychotherapy While Jogging; Embrace Your Stomach Butterflies

In this episode, experts have said for years that aerobic exercise helps reduce blood pressure. But new research suggests adding isometric or static exercises like wall sits are even more effective.

Also, all across North America, this is a great time to be a skilled trade worker – like a plumber, electrician, automotive technician, or construction worker. The salaries are through the roof and there’s plenty of training available .

Plus, Forget about counting sheep to fall asleep……now people are taking the next step for better sleep…actually renting sheep to hang out with them.   

And then, If you have that butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling, that’s a good thing. According to the journal Clinical Psychological Science, the nervous jitters mean your body is readying itself to perform at your best. Gib and I will share the research and our own experiences.

(00:02) The Power of Performance Anxiety
(08:40) Isometric Exercise and Job Trends
(13:07) Revival of Artisan Jobs and Luxury
(24:19) Trade Jobs and Tattoo Trends

Apr 4, 2024 6:0 AM
John Tesh Podcast
How to Improve your Working Memory, How Cornhole Improves Focus, Skyrocketing Bidet sales, Why Free Time is Toxic, Firearm Names for Kids

       In this episode:

         Research shows too much free time can lead to a decline in mental health!  A new study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found there’s a sweet spot for the perfect amount of free time.

     Also, we already track our sleep, our steps, and our heart rate. So what’s next? Our glucose….meaning our blood sugar levels. It’s one of the fastest-growing trends in health and wellness - and it’s not just for diabetics anymore.

And then, have you ever been to a restaurant with a hand-written menu? Or one that uses a font that LOOKS like handwriting? Maybe they have a chalkboard with the menu written on it? We now know it makes us THINK the food is healthier.

  We also recently told you one silver lining of the pandemic was an increase in marriages and a decrease in divorces. Well, here’s another silver lining: People discovered BIDETS! 

Remember when we were all fighting each other for rolls of toilet paper? Well, it prompted a lot of people to buy bidets! It’s a crazy story including a guy called the Bidet-King

And finally, UCLA scientists report If you need to buckle down and focus, take 10 minutes to play a game of Cornhole.

(00:02) Eating Like Salmon and Memory Capacity
(11:40) Nostalgia and Wellness Trends
(24:36) Baby Naming Trends and Focus Hacks

Mar 28, 2024 6:0 AM
John Tesh Podcast
Guacamole for Your Brain, Why Everyone's Doing Planks, The Cure for a Nervous Dog, Spontaneous Vacations

Ever wondered why someone with a wallet thicker than a novel might sneak an extra item at the self-checkout? In a fascinating chat with therapist and lawyer Terrence Shulman, we tackle the psychological puzzle of affluent individuals giving in to the five-finger discount for the sheer thrill or in pursuit of an 'employee discount' after scanning their groceries. But the intrigue doesn't end at the checkout line. We cozy up with Pepperdine Business School's finest to unwrap the blanket of nostalgia that envelops us when we re-consume our favorite media and revisit treasured haunts, examining how these repeat indulgences chart our personal evolution.

Switch gears with us as we slice into the brain-boosting powers of avocados, guided by the latest research singing praises to this buttery fruit for its role in sharpening our cognitive functions. And if you're feeling bogged down by routine, discover why a spontaneous getaway may be the mental refresh you need, offering resilience while trimming the fat from travel stress. Of course, our health compass doesn't just point us toward the unpredictable; we'll also look at the rhythm of regular meal times and their deeper impact on more than our waistlines, from sleep patterns to sugar cravings. Tune in for a rich tapestry of discussions that weave together the unexpected links between our psychological quirks and the quest for a wholesome, fulfilling life.

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(00:02) Psychological Behaviors and Healthy Lifestyle
(11:09) Optimizing Brain Power and Spontaneous Travel

Mar 21, 2024 6:0 AM
John Tesh Podcast
Why Farm Pigs are so Optimistic. Is Everyone Under 40 in Therapy? Swimming with Salmon & Predators. The Worst Time to See a Judge. Where to Find Mean Rich People

In today's episode:  You'll hear about a study on farm pigs that reveals how we can be happier and more optimistic. We'll answer the question: Why is it that more couples than ever before in the history of the planet, whether they're married or not, are going to couples therapy? You'll discover why you should never cry for help around rich people who shop in luxury stores and drive fancy cars. And would you sign up to "Swim with the Salmon"? What's the worst that could happen?

(00:01) The John Tesh Podcast
(09:33) Routine and Ethics in Daily Life
(21:29) New Rules of Social Etiquette

Mar 14, 2024 6:30 AM
John Tesh Podcast
Enhancing Bedtime Rituals and Fitness Routines, Wedding Trends with Birds of Prey, and the Pursuit of Purpose-Driven Longevity

Unlock the secrets to a revitalized daily routine with our latest podcast episode where I put the calming scent of vanilla to the test in my own bedtime ritual, discovering its surprising ability to not only reduce snoring but also enhance relaxation. We then switch gears to the fitness scene, analyzing the potential of two-a-day workouts to structure your day and meet your weekly exercise ambitions efficiently. If that's not intriguing enough, imagine your wedding rings delivered by a majestic bird of prey – Gib and I  take a peek into this fantastical trend that's captivating both Renaissance fair enthusiasts and Harry Potter fans alike. Plus, we'll reveal what types of jobs are making waves in the dating app scene, giving healthcare and tech pros a reason to flex their professional muscles.

As we continue, we’ll explore the impact that living with purpose has on our lifespan, inspired by wisdom from biblical passages and the latest research from Rush University Medical Center. It's not just about the years in your life, but the life in your years. And we explore how having goals can add to both. Gib and I also explore the growing need for obesity medicine specialists and the life-changing treatments they offer. Wrapping up the episode, we share the underrated benefits of isometric exercises like wall sits – a simple, yet potent workout that could be your next step towards better health and lower blood pressure, according to research in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Tune in for these transformative insights and more, tailored to empower the next dynamic chapter of your life.

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(00:00) Sleep Hacks, Workouts, Birds, Jobs, Exercises
(07:16) Discover Purpose Through Isometric Exercises

Feb 14, 2024 6:0 AM