How to Improve your Working Memory, How Cornhole Improves Focus, Skyrocketing Bidet sales, Why Free Time is Toxic, Firearm Names for Kids

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How to Improve your Working Memory, How Cornhole Improves Focus, Skyrocketing Bidet sales, Why Free Time is Toxic, Firearm Names for Kids


Published on Mar 28, 2024, 6:00:09 AM
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Episode Description

       In this episode:

         Research shows too much free time can lead to a decline in mental health!  A new study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found there’s a sweet spot for the perfect amount of free time.

     Also, we already track our sleep, our steps, and our heart rate. So what’s next? Our glucose….meaning our blood sugar levels. It’s one of the fastest-growing trends in health and wellness - and it’s not just for diabetics anymore.

And then, have you ever been to a restaurant with a hand-written menu? Or one that uses a font that LOOKS like handwriting? Maybe they have a chalkboard with the menu written on it? We now know it makes us THINK the food is healthier.

  We also recently told you one silver lining of the pandemic was an increase in marriages and a decrease in divorces. Well, here’s another silver lining: People discovered BIDETS! 

Remember when we were all fighting each other for rolls of toilet paper? Well, it prompted a lot of people to buy bidets! It’s a crazy story including a guy called the Bidet-King

And finally, UCLA scientists report If you need to buckle down and focus, take 10 minutes to play a game of Cornhole.

(00:02) Eating Like Salmon and Memory Capacity
(11:40) Nostalgia and Wellness Trends
(24:36) Baby Naming Trends and Focus Hacks

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