Boost Longevity with Balloons, Rebellion Against Self-Checkouts, Puppy Power for Men, & Clown Cardio Secrets

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Boost Longevity with Balloons, Rebellion Against Self-Checkouts, Puppy Power for Men, & Clown Cardio Secrets


Published on Mar 7, 2024, 6:30:01 AM
Total time: 00:32:25

Episode Description

We’ll reveal the latest stats on men and women and their pets. We’ll share the deal-breakers and tell you why men won’t date a woman who kisses her pet on the mouth. Plus,  Why researchers want us to spend time in gazebos at the park, a circular tent on a camping trip or a rotunda that’s found in many churches and public buildings. It’s the power of round things. 

We’ll also tell you why scientists say people who take 15 minutes a day to blow up party balloons have significant improvements in lung function.

And then we’ll reveal how much people hate those self-checkout scanner machines. Finally, we’ll explore the new, trendy workout that combines elements of aerobic activity, dance, and improv comedy. It’s Clown Cardio!

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(00:00) Improving Lung Function With Balloons
(12:14) Posture, Pets, and Personality Traits
(22:23) Clown Cardio and Therapy Benefits
(31:57) Podcast Growth and Engagement Strategy

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