Guacamole for Your Brain, Why Everyone's Doing Planks, The Cure for a Nervous Dog, Spontaneous Vacations

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Guacamole for Your Brain, Why Everyone's Doing Planks, The Cure for a Nervous Dog, Spontaneous Vacations


Published on Mar 21, 2024, 6:00:00 AM
Total time: 00:19:36

Episode Description

Ever wondered why someone with a wallet thicker than a novel might sneak an extra item at the self-checkout? In a fascinating chat with therapist and lawyer Terrence Shulman, we tackle the psychological puzzle of affluent individuals giving in to the five-finger discount for the sheer thrill or in pursuit of an 'employee discount' after scanning their groceries. But the intrigue doesn't end at the checkout line. We cozy up with Pepperdine Business School's finest to unwrap the blanket of nostalgia that envelops us when we re-consume our favorite media and revisit treasured haunts, examining how these repeat indulgences chart our personal evolution.

Switch gears with us as we slice into the brain-boosting powers of avocados, guided by the latest research singing praises to this buttery fruit for its role in sharpening our cognitive functions. And if you're feeling bogged down by routine, discover why a spontaneous getaway may be the mental refresh you need, offering resilience while trimming the fat from travel stress. Of course, our health compass doesn't just point us toward the unpredictable; we'll also look at the rhythm of regular meal times and their deeper impact on more than our waistlines, from sleep patterns to sugar cravings. Tune in for a rich tapestry of discussions that weave together the unexpected links between our psychological quirks and the quest for a wholesome, fulfilling life.

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(00:02) Psychological Behaviors and Healthy Lifestyle
(11:09) Optimizing Brain Power and Spontaneous Travel

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