H.S. Norup: Do Faeries Need a Makeover?


H.S. Norup: Do Faeries Need a Makeover?


Published on Feb 23, 2023, 4:42:34 AM
Total time: 00:50:54

Episode Description

H.S. Norup, author of Into the Faerie Hill, The Missing Barbegazi and The Hungry Ghost, uses her world travel to inspire her fantasy. In her latest book she is turning to the myths and legends of Europe and giving faeries something of a makeover. Dismiss any idea of cute creatures in gauzy skirts and prepare to meet a much more dangerous set of creatures in her Middle Grade adventure. In discussion with Julia Golding, Helle talks about her journey to being an author, her writing process, and how she steers towards lighthouses as she writes. Helle recommends Faeries by Alan Froud and Alan Lee (yes, he of LotR fame) as a good source book. Stick around for our tops fantasy tips and to find out where in all the fantasy worlds is the best place to be a caver... A special thanks to Pushkin Press for putting us in touch with Helle, and for more information about her visit https://www.hsnorup.com

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