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Brave Men Podcast

Inspiring men to live a better life. Brave Men is about wisdom and courage for the journey – building a life filled with purpose and destiny. Paul Louis Cole is President of the Christian Men’s Network and founder of the Global Fatherhood Initiative. We are on a mission to defeat fatherlessness, end child abuse and raise up strong men who love God and love people. This is accomplished by building a brotherhood of men in over 100 nations. Brave men.

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Brave Men Podcast
BraveMen S4E158: Vietnam

Vietnam. Just that name brings back memories and pain for many. For others the compelling story of an emerging global economy. For a remarkable group of people it is about the compassion to help so many who are the human toll of a century of conflict.

And in the midst of this mix and against many obstacles is an emerging church. Brimming with hope and living in faith that tomorrow will be a better day. That Jesus changes everything.

Along with our partner Giving It Back To Kids and traveling with good friend Ps. Joe Onasai we conducted a powerful series of events in Vietnam recently. It was awesome. In a conversation with my son Bryce we recount the stories.

BraveMen podcast is a production of the Christian Men’s Network.

Sep 12, 2023 7:18 PM

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Brave Men Podcast
BraveMen S4E157: Chris Harper-Real / Better

My friend Chris Harper takes us on a journey of joy, fatherhood, realness and biblical masculinity in this enjoyable and motivating episode of BraveMen. Chris is the Chief Storyteller at Better Man ministries, an ally with Christian Men’s Network and a powerful voice for Biblical masculinity across the nations.

Chris is an engaging witness of the power of God and illustrates it by recounting how he went from being a law student to the pastor of a local church. It’s a crazy story – and that’s Chris. He has an earned doctorate from Southwest Seminary and travels and writes extensively. The ministry he leads came out of the “Men’s Fraternity” outreach of Pastor Robert Lewis and “33 the Series”.

Harper believes the world needs some bold men for Jesus. And that’s what you’ll get today – you’ll be fired up after listening to Paul and Chris. Chris is married with four children, loves Nashville hot chicken, sports of all kinds and 90’s hip-hop. He believes hospitality is the new evangelism and that art, music, community and commerce are the most powerful mediums for gospel witness.

BraveMen is produced by the Christian Men’s Network and supported by friends and brothers across the nations. For resources and discipleship tools –

Aug 22, 2023 12:0 AM
Brave Men Podcast
BraveMen S4E156: Michael Rasa-Down to UP

He was a teenage Army private who became a national business owner - from a scuffling childhood to building a powerful ministry to families. This man knows better than most the ups and downs of life … and what it takes to overcome the obstacles. Today on BraveMen the inspirational story of Michael Rasa.

Having grown up in a difficult family environment, Michael was forced to quit school at the age of fourteen to go to work. At ‘almost eighteen’ he joined the Army and became a model soldier. Three years later he was honorably discharged and began his business career. In 1994 he and his wife Debbie founded Rasa Floors and it has become a market leader in the flooring industry with eleven Service Centers serving Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas.

Michael and Debbie both enjoy contributing to and leading their company, as well as flying their airplanes together often. They are happily married and have three grown daughters, three sons-in-law and six grandchildren. This story will fire you up! For more info and tools for mentoring men;

Jul 18, 2023 12:0 AM
Brave Men Podcast
BraveMen S4E153: Dr. Paul Endrei-Money for Church Growth

Money for Church Growth


Dr. Paul Endrei is an author, entrepreneur, church planter and financial strategist. After decades of pastoring Paul has moved into one of the most volatile segments of building strong churches – finances. Specifically financing church buildings.


In this special edition of BraveMen podcast we dive deep into the matrix of what it takes to grow a church and finance the buildings. Paul Endrei was unable to get a loan for a very healthy and large church building project. So he made the daring move. He built his own company that makes financing happen. American Church Loans. Their mission is to help busy pastors and church leaders obtain provision for their God-given vision and Kingdom expansion!


Paul and his wife Patti also have a powerful marriage ministry called ‘Glue’. With the bestselling book Glue: Sticking Power for a Life-Long Marriage, Paul and Patti have impacted tens of thousands of marriages ministering at hundreds of churches and conferences.


Today on BraveMen host Paul Cole asks Dr. Endrei to unravel the complexities of financing a church building project. CMN is committed to helping pastors grow strong men, strong families and strong churches. Our prayer is that today’s podcast will bring answers to your needs.

Jun 13, 2023 12:0 AM
Brave Men Podcast
BraveMen S4E152: Chris McRae-Let Me Just Die Right Here

Chris McRae was shot and rapidly dying. A hunting accident left Chris mortally wounded on the ground and they couldn’t get him up into a truck … he told his friends, “Just let me die right here.” His buddy leaned down and said, “Chris, if you’re going to live, you’re gonna have to get yourself up.”   This is the story of how he got up … and lived to share it. A compelling yet sometimes humorous look at a man’s life and what it takes to truly live in Jesus Christ. An overcoming story of the pastor of Sojourn Church and author of Shot In The Dark.   An inspirational interview and encouraging word on the Christian life from a man who faced the end of his life and what that means to him today. Chris is committed to discipling dads, men, sons – raising up men who passionately follow Jesus and serve their family, community and friends. BraveMen is a missional series sponsored by the Christian Men’s Network. A global outreach that produces resources for discipling men in over 40 languages. You can find them at

Jan 24, 2023 12:0 AM
Brave Men Podcast
BraveMen S4E151: Otto Kelly-Following Jesus with Passion

A tough former NFL football player becomes the director of a crisis pregnancy center and rescues gang members on the streets of Reno. Sounds like a movie but it’s the true story of our friend Otto Kelly. Here’s a powerful story of redemption that will help us all focus our lives as men and servant-leaders.

Otto’s heart was broken as a young teenager when his father died. Finding Jesus began the healing of his heart. Following Jesus with the passion of a high-level athlete began the healing process for thousands of people over the past years as they met Jesus through Otto’s powerful ministry.

Otto is in the Hall of Fame for Nevada Wolf Pack football and for many years led gang intervention in that region for the Washoe County public services. With his wife Joy they built a powerful crisis pregnancy center in Reno that has helped hundreds of women and couples. Otto is a great friend of CMN and the BraveMen podcast. Discipling men and raising up strong fathers is the calling on his life. For discipleship tools and resources for men – go to

Jan 17, 2023 2:45 PM
Brave Men Podcast
BraveMen S4E150: Duane White - Facing Challenges and Transition With Hope

Transition. A code word for big changes and sometimes big fear – how do we carry faith in Christ and make it through the toughest times? Here’s some tools and hope. A compelling conversation with a global leader who is in the middle of transition himself. Duane White is a servant-leader whose personal pursuit of Christ has influenced the lives of thousands of people around the world.

Duane leads the O2 Network of Churches, planted a significant church “The Bridge Church” in Denton, Texas and has trained over 150,000 leaders in 60 nations. He’s led teams in funding micro­-business empowerment projects, equipped and resourced missionaries and taken hundreds of people on short­ term missions trips. Born with a severe cleft lip and palate, Duane was told he would never be able to speak without impediment – now as an international speaker and author, he miraculously uses his communication skills to teach and challenge people to fulfill their God-given destiny.

On BraveMen today meet a man who has been through transition, disappointment, victories, wins and struggles – and has emerged an overcomer and motivator. For discipleship tools that will engage the hearts of men – contact us at BraveMen is sponsored by the Christian Men’s Network Worldwide, active in over 100 nations.

Dec 27, 2022 6:58 PM
Brave Men Podcast
BraveMen S4E149: Dr. Jeff Greenway - Roadmap Through a Hostile Culture

Are we in a post-modern, post-Christian world? How do we navigate the future of the church? What does the current cultural upheaval mean for you and me as followers of Jesus? Jeff Greenway dives into the answers in a powerful treatise from the Bible and cultural trends. This is strong. This is clarity.

Dr. Jeff Greenway is a fly-fisherman who is also Pastor of Reynoldsburg Church in Columbus Ohio and one of the founders of the Global Methodist Church and former President of Asbury Theological Seminary. His ministry to men has been a model of strength, honor and hope.

On Brave Men today we hear from a global statesman for Christianity and one of the recognized thought leaders forming the world ahead of us. Jeff is also passionate about Biblical preaching and discipleship. Also passionate about his eight grandchildren.

Dec 14, 2022 7:8 PM
Brave Men Podcast
BraveMen S4E148: Steve Trevino - Sheep Among Wolves

How does a young man from Houston get involved planting churches in some of the most dangerous places in the world? And why? Steve Trevino is a church entrepreneur helping build the underground church and training leaders in the toughest places. This is his story and his why. 

Steve was leading a church in Houston when he met a man that changed his life. That seemingly chance meeting opened up a decade of training and leading underground Christian movements. The application of that training is stirring the hearts of leaders across America and other western nations. The same values and efforts that have helped launch hundreds of churches in the most difficult places actually applies to cities and communities across America, Europe and Latin America. In the battle for cultural righteousness  - Steve is a developer of stalwart men.

In this BraveMen episode Paul Cole talks with Steve about the concept of being "non-religious spiritually conspicuous". The issue says Steve is, "Christians who put limits on their obedience". This one hits hard. Get in touch with Paul or Steve by writing to Paul at BraveMen is produced and sponsored by the friends and brotherhood of Christian Men's Network.

Nov 17, 2022 11:47 PM
Brave Men Podcast
BraveMen S4E147: Zhenya Kasevich - Hope for Ukraine

At 3:40am on February 24, 2022 Russian troops backed by missile attacks, air support and tanks invaded the nation of Ukraine. The result has been the largest refugee crisis in Europe since World War 2 as almost 8 million Ukrainians have been displaced, food shortages have hit areas around the world, tens of thousands on both sides of the conflict have died.

Today on Brave Men the pastor for many years of one of Ukraine’s most significant churches, Zhenya Kasevich. His insight and background on the church of Ukraine is enlightening. His hope for Ukraine is encouraging. His faith unwavering.

To assist our friends in Ukraine CMN has launched a new Ukrainian translation of Never Quit, a powerful word on faith in the midst of crisis. Translated by a crew under constant risk in Ukraine this new book is online now and is free. Go to and click on ‘Resources’.

Nov 1, 2022 12:0 AM
Brave Men Podcast
BraveMen S4E146: Jon Tyson - Renewing a Dying Culture

Jon Tyson is a man on a mission – to cultivate renewal in the culture of the church – and rebuild the culture of nations. That’s a man you need to meet at the Lions Roar Global Summit on Manhood  in Dallas – Nov. 3-5, 2022. Just being in the same room with Jon Tyson will move your life to a new level. He is a noted shaper of cultural thought - author, teacher, pastor and provocateur of Christian culture. His teaching, writing, and media are helping pastors and leaders navigate a quickly changing world.   Jon Tyson is an ally who pastors Church of the City in New York City. Originally from Adelaide Australia, Jon moved to the United States twenty years ago with a passion to seek and cultivate renewal in the Western Church. He is the author of Rumors of God, Sacred Roots, A Creative Minority, The Burden is Light, Beautiful Resistance, and The Intentional Father which will be featured at the Lions Roar Summit. (details at

Oct 11, 2022 12:0 AM
Brave Men Podcast
BraveMen S4E145: Ps Jamaal Bernard - Finding the Rhythm of Hope

How do you get your hope back when life is filled with chaos? Today a powerful word with Ps. Jamaal Bernard, a leading voice in American faith. He is a pastor, author, dad and cultural thought leader based in Brooklyn, NY. Today on BraveMen we talk to Jamaal about the fight for your heart - how to find the battle rhythm of hope. We deal with grief and trust and the residual effects of the pandemic. Jamaal will be a keynote speaker at the CMN global summit on manhood, "Lions Roar" in Dallas, Nov 3 - 5. He is well known across the nation as a pastor at the New York based Christian Cultural Center founded by his father Dr. A.R. Bernard. The influence of this ministry is felt around the world. Pastor Jamaal manages over 700 people who work as volunteer staff in multiple ministries both in the church and across the community. His messages on faith and brotherhood are heard by thousands every week. He is the author of “Unapologetic” a critical tool for the advancement of the Gospel as it equips readers with practical answers to the tough issues of faith in culture. He and his wife Rita have five children and work together lifting up Jesus and helping thousands of people across the most significant city in the world.

Oct 4, 2022 12:0 AM
Brave Men Podcast
BraveMen S4E144: Brandon Cole - Look Up - Defeat the Fear

Abraham was depressed, he feared that all was lost, that he wouldn’t fulfill his destiny because he didn’t yet have a son. He had a promise from God - but couldn’t see how it would happen.

Abraham would later be called the ‘Father of Faith’, but at this moment he was the victim of fear. Then God told him, “Look up, see the stars, your descendants will be more numerous than all of them. Take heart. I will fulfill my promise to you!” (paraphrase)

In this powerful podcast Brandon Cole walks us through the often difficult journey of believing and trusting and keeping faith. When we can’t see a way out, when it all looks bleak - how do we fight for our destiny? How do we live a triumphant life in the face of great adversity? This is a transformative podcast that you will want to star, and share.

Brandon Cole is a brilliant communicator and the lead pastor of C3 Fort Worth. A diverse and active church in the Historic Southside of Fort Worth, Texas. He is also the son of Brave Men host Paul Cole and the grandson of Dr. Ed Cole.

Sep 20, 2022 12:0 AM
Brave Men Podcast
BraveMen S4E143: Overcoming Shame with Paul Louis Cole

Guilt can be a burden, but shame can be devastating. Guilt can mess with your mind, but shame will mess with your soul. What’s the difference? How do we defeat shame? What’s the answer and what’s the process?

Paul Cole takes us into a personal discovery of life after shame. Diving into the story of Peter in John 21 we find the answer. It’s simple, but it’s a complex situation. Peter has followed Jesus with all of his heart, but he’s made the ultimate mistake – he denied Christ. At the most critical time in the life of Jesus, Peter turned his back.

Now we find Peter dealing with gut-wrenching shame and coming face to face with Jesus in the most unusual way. It’s a tremendous story – and it will bring tremendous freedom. This is one to share with friends.

Sep 13, 2022 12:0 AM
Brave Men Podcast
BraveMen S4E142: Neil Kennedy - The Fivestar Man

Neil Kennedy is an author, speaker, and founder of FivestarMan ministries. He's authored numerous books including: FivestarMan: The Five Passions of Authentic Manhood, God's Currency: The Entrepreneurial Drive, Speaking the Father's Blessing.

Today on Brave Men Neil takes us on the journey of authentic manhood. What are the five key ingredients to a fulfilled life. How do we navigate a life that is adventurous, significant and generous to others. How do we build a life that is resilient and powered by faith? Neil is a mature leader with the answers we all need to hear. Brave Men is a production of the Christian Men’s Network ( For more information on CMN or our guests please write us at You can follow Paul on social media @paullouiscole.

Aug 30, 2022 12:0 AM
Brave Men Podcast
BraveMen S4E141: Dan Afghan Special

August 2021 thousands of American and American allies are left behind in Afghanistan. Dozens of brave private citizens jump in to rescue those left behind. But, they couldn’t get them all out. Right now - some brave men and women are still in the battle.

The Taliban gathered assassination teams and by going through thousands of personnel files that were left fully intact - they are hunting and killing our allies. Torturing children to find out where Dad is hiding …

This is an emergency podcast … our contact “Dan” is still working on the ground to get almost 1,000 more allies and families to safety. This is his story. This is the story of brave men and women who wouldn’t give up on our friends.

You can help them financially by entering the Tesla Plaid raffle at: Or here’s the organization direct at:

Please pass this on. Never quit on a friend.

Aug 26, 2022 12:0 PM
Brave Men Podcast
BraveMen S4E140: John Crossman - Building Bridges

John Crossman is a bridge builder. As a nationally noted real estate professional he has developed a solid reputation as a highly ethical and entirely professional dealmaker. But what sets John apart is the major endowments he has made into Historic Black Colleges and Universities. Building bridges for young men and women to find their destiny. Like his father before him John and his family have led the way in creating paths for successful careers for young professionals coming out of HBCU. They have endowed the first ever real estate scholarships at FAMU, Bethune-Cookman University and Jackson State University. These are all significant steps that help to address systemic cultural issues by promoting the real estate industry to thousands of students across the Southeast and the nation. John is motivated to find solutions for tough problems and bring a righteous stance into the marketplace. Brave Men is a production of the Christian Men’s Network ( For more information on CMN or our guests please go to CMN.Men. Follow Paul at @paullouiscole .

Aug 23, 2022 12:0 AM
Brave Men Podcast
BraveMen S4E139: Cameron Staley-A New Way to Look at Porn

Clinical psychologist Dr. Cameron Staley in his widely viewed TEDx Talk, said “... it’s time to change the narrative around the sexual addiction story”. Today in a wide ranging conversation with Paul Cole, Cameron shares details from his extensive research and counseling experience regarding helpful ways to talk about sexuality.

Today on Brave Men we discuss practical ways to overcome sexual temptation, what triggers most unwanted porn viewership and the new powerful tools of Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT). Cameron Staley is an engaging speaker with remarkable truths about our God designed masculinity.

BraveMen is a production of the Christian Men’s Network. A ministry to men active in over 100 nations. For more information please go to CMN.Men. Follow Paul Cole at @paullouiscole . To find out more about Dr. Cameron Staley please go to and

Aug 16, 2022 12:0 AM
Brave Men Podcast
BraveMen S4E138: Soul-Care with Rawd Jones

Rawd B Jones is an entrepreneur, positivity coach, key influencer and irrepressible encourager. Rawd directs an outreach that helps pastors rescue their hearts and dreams – Replenish. For decades Rawd has spoken into the lives of hurting people helping them find hope in Jesus Christ. Today on BraveMen we find out what it takes to rescue our soul – our dreams and deepest desires. What does ‘soul-care’ mean? How do we make this journey in which we overcome the desperate times with the dependable faith of our Lord? This is a podcast you must pass on to someone you know needs it ... and listen to it more than once. Rawd is a graduate of Vanguard University with a B.A. in Bible and an M.A. in Biblical Literature from AGTS Seminary. Rawd has been in ministry since 1985 serving in a wide range of churches and ministries. Rawd’s wife Jeanne is a business executive and they have two children: Sophia and Sage.

Aug 9, 2022 12:0 AM
Brave Men Podcast
BraveMen S4E137: JESUS and Identity with Anthony Fleming

Pastor Anthony Fleming talking about Jesus and being proactive with what you can control and not being reactive with what you can’t control. Anthony Fleming is a man of tenacity and action. He pastors a vibrant church called Church Alive in Lyndhurst, New Jersey. To get in touch with us here at Christian Men’s Network, send emails to

Aug 2, 2022 12:0 AM
Brave Men Podcast
BraveMen S4E136: JESUS and Grace with Will Ford

Will Ford talking about Jesus, prayer, a soup kettle pot, and Critical Grace Theory. Will Ford is the founder of 818 the sign, he is known for his ability to help people restore and find direction through tough times. Will served as the Director of the Marketplace Leadership Major at Christ for The Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas. He also is the co-founder of Dream Stream Company. To get in touch with us here at Christian Men’s Network, send emails to

Jul 28, 2022 12:0 AM
Brave Men Podcast
BraveMen S4E135: JESUS and Life with Venshard Dobbins

Pastor Venshard Dobbins talking about Jesus being the center of his life and how we can live a faithful life. Venshard Dobbins is a wordsmith, he knows how to simplify the word in ways that brings practical application and understanding to the listener to better their lives. Venshard is an Associate Pastor at the Potter’s House of Dallas in Dallas, Texas. To get in touch with us here at Christian Men’s Network, send emails to

Jul 26, 2022 12:0 AM
Brave Men Podcast
BraveMen S4E134: JESUS and Fatherhood with Pierre du Plessis

Pastor Pierre du Plessis brings us into a clear vision of how Jesus lived - he only did what he saw the Father do. Then he shares how we as fathers must raise up the next generation. Pierre du Plessis is a creator he knows how to articulate the word in a way that paints pictures for us – imprinting the listener with an indelible memory. Pierre pastors Father’s House in Rochester, New York. To get in touch with us here at Christian Men’s Network, send emails to

Jul 21, 2022 12:0 AM