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Brave Men Podcast

Brave Men exists to inspire men to live a better life. Through conversations and
teachings meant to bring about wisdom and courage for the journey, Brave Men
hopes to help men build a life filled with purpose and destiny. Your host for the
podcast is Paul Louis Cole, President of Christian Men’s Network - with
representation in over 100 nations around the world - and the founder of the Global
Fatherhood Initiative. Paul Cole has a deep passion to defeat fatherlessness, end
child abuse, and raise up strong men who love God, love people, and make an
impact in their community. This is our mission. This... is Brave Men.

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Brave Men Podcast
This is Courage; Inside Iran’s Underground Church w/David Yeghnazar

From our first day of ministry in the Middle East, we were struck by the vibrant faith of the underground church leaders, their stories a testament to the power of perseverance in the face of adversity. This episode pulls back the curtain on the remarkable expansion of Christianity in Iran, a land where faith comes at a high cost, following Jesus Christ a choice often made not just with your words, but possibly with your life.

Our special guest, David Yeghnazar from Elam Ministries, shares with us not just the history woven into his family's faith journey but also the broader narrative of Iran's church, rising like a phoenix from the ashes of the Islamic revolution. This will encourage you and also compel you to greater works - to get things done where we live, while our brothers in other nations stay the course for Christ. These stories of resilience and discipleship are fuel for our mission, reminding us that the true measure of a man's faith is not found in serenity, but in the crucible of trials.

David and Paul also talk about the new Christian Men’s Network thrust into Arabic nations. CMN is actively translating resources for discipling men into Farsi, Arabic, Russian, Ukrainian and other languages for the Middle East and Central Asian nations. 

Brave Men is a production of the Christian Men’s Network. A global resource center for tools to disciple men. Currently in 50 languages. You can find us at



(00:00) Suffering and Faith in Iran
(04:09) Iranian Church's Growth Amid Persecution
(16:57) Faithful Men Inspiring Global Impact
(23:05) Expanding the Church in Iran
(33:49) The Impact of the Gospel

May 23, 2024 7:0 AM

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Brave Men Podcast
Guiding Souls and Shaping Legacies with Steve Trevino

Embarking on a spiritual quest often begins with a single step, a step that Steve Trevino (@pr.stevetrevino) has taken time and again, transforming not just his life but the lives of countless others through his dedication to discipleship. His journey from pastoring to uplifting pastors in the Middle East is a stirring testament to the profound impact one man can have. Our conversation with Steve unravels the tapestry of discipleship and mentorship, taking us beyond the pulpit and into the trenches where real growth and steadfast faith are nurtured through life's shared experiences. We're reminded that the path to spiritual maturity isn't just walked alone; it's a road built on the bonds of mentorship and community.

The transformative effect of service ripples through society like a stone cast into still waters, and this episode captures the essence of that impact. We recount the narrative of a simple church volunteer program that evolved into a movement, ensnaring the heart and spirit of an entire city. From individual acts of kindness to a collective force of change, we witness how volunteerism not only shapes the physical environment but also carves out spaces for personal growth and civic leadership. It's a powerful reminder that our humble contributions can indeed fan the flames of growth and inspire a legacy of service within our communities.

Journeying with us to the heart of global spiritual leadership, we examine how the gospel's message forges connections across cultures and continents. From the boardrooms of high-stakes business to the covert congregations of Iran's underground churches, the influence of servant leadership is unmistakable. We share insights into the burgeoning Christian movement in the Middle East, particularly in Egypt, where the seeds of faith are sprouting in the unlikeliest of places. Through stories of courage and conviction, this episode celebrates the leaders who are reshaping worlds, one conversation, one disciple at a time.

For more on Brave Men and our host @paullouiscole, make sure to follow us on socials. 

To donate to Christian Men’s Network, visit - and make sure to follow all that God is doing through the ministry around the world @christianmensnetwork or on our youtube page 

(00:00) Training Leaders in Men's Discipleship
(16:57) City Volunteerism and Community Impact
(23:08) Empowering Men to Make a Difference
(34:30) Church Impact in the Middle East
(40:03) Finding the Man of Peace
(55:48) Building Discipleship Through Conversation

May 16, 2024 6:17 AM
Brave Men Podcast
Hope for Leaders with Michael Murphy & Brandon Cole

Here’s some hope in your leadership journey. This week, explore the intrinsic connection between joy and a deep-seated relationship with Jesus with my guest, great friend Michael Murphy and our guest host this episode, my son Brandon Cole. They discuss how joy can act as a spiritual barometer and the profound impact of authentic community within the church. 

With Mike's insights from his book "XLR8" and his extensive experience in coaching pastors, along with Brandon's fresh perspective from his years leading a local congregation, C3 Fort Worth, this conversation is a treasure trove of wisdom to deepen your faith and leadership skills.

Unpacking the complexities of ministry to men and the evolving narrative of masculinity in today's society they confront the barriers in our culture today. Obstacles that obscure our joy, like unresolved conflicts and internal insecurities. They hit the need for authenticity in cultivating true joy and the fruits of the spirit. 

In this fascinating convo, they tackle the pressing issues facing church leaders - from the challenges of pastoral mentorship to the pitfalls of focusing too heavily on church attendance and finances as a metric. They rebuild the metric of success shifting it towards intentional disciple-making and investing in people as the hallmark of a thriving ministry. This episode is an invitation to all who seek to balance leadership, personal growth, and community in their lives, reminding us of the constants amidst a world in flux: the Holy Spirit, the Word, the Church, and our shared mission.

Brave Men is a production of the Christian Men’s Network. A global men’s discipleship movement you can find the resources you need to disciple men at

(0:00:00) - Finding Joy in Following Jesus

(0:05:30) - Men's Ministry and Legacy of Faithfulness

(0:15:29) - Evolving Masculinity and Joy in Christianity

(0:26:11) - Challenges and Revelations in Pastoral Work

(0:30:17) - Leadership, Disciple-Making, and Church Growth

(0:42:24) - Power of Positive Confession and Community

(0:52:23) - Navigating Church Leadership and Personal Growth

(0:59:05) - Generational Transition in Church Leadership


May 9, 2024 6:24 AM
Brave Men Podcast
Clear Thinking: Faith and Neuroscience-informed Therapy with Josh Spurlock

Unlock the transformative power of neuroscience-informed Christian counseling with licensed professional counselor and certified sex therapist, Josh Spurlock. Immerse your heart into a terrific conversation with our good friend Josh as we peel back layers of emotional and relational inhibitors. Dive with us into a profound discussion on the long-term effects of father wounds, the significance of intentional vulnerability, and the potential that lies within our God-given mechanisms for personal growth and deeper discipleship. What’s the harmony between current scientific research and our faith in Jesus? How does the power of the Holy Spirit transform our thinking?

We tackle the tough topics head-on, addressing the sensitive issue of pornography and its impact on relationships. With Josh's expertise, we examine the neurological dependencies it can create, comparative to substance abuse. We discuss strategies for confronting and healing from its effects by addressing underlying issues. The battle scars of life often linger beneath the surface, manifesting in ways that can challenge our relationships and personal well-being. As Josh and I candidly discuss the shadows cast by father wounds and the distortions created by pornography, we reveal a path forward—one punctuated by faith in Christ, vulnerability, intentional living, and the pursuit of deep, meaningful friendships.

Together, we navigate the delicate pathways of neuroplasticity, uncovering how our past, our pain, and our potential for healing are influenced by both our neurological makeup and our faith. This is about navigating life with grace, power and compassion. We discover it’s not just about us, but how we help others in the journey of life.

Brave Men podcast is a production of the Christian Men’s Network, a global men’s movement with coordinating offices in Peru, Indonesia, Uganda, Brazil, London and Texas. For resources to disciple your family or men in your church go to

(00:00) Neuroscience-Informed Christian Counseling and Healing
(10:09) Neuroplasticity and Biblical Counseling
(19:48) Addressing Pornography's Impact on Men's Relationships
(36:09) Building Meaningful Male Friendships in Community
(43:59) Navigating Dysfunction and Finding Faith
(48:11) Navigating Father Wounds and Healing
(53:34) Healing Through Mentors and Relationships
(01:00:42) Understanding Anger and Emotional Connection
(01:17:29) Seeking Wisdom and Mentorship for Men

May 2, 2024 7:6 AM
Brave Men Podcast
The Bold Journey of a Spiritual Warrior with Stephen Prouse

Embarking on a spiritual odyssey often means confronting the comfort zones that dull our fervor. Stephen Prouse is a spiritual warrior - boldly confronting the comfort zones of a culture committed to self justification. A strong man with a strong voice Stephen is well known online as the Fifth Horseman and the Fourth Watch. But his personal story has been one of a series of obstacles resulting in a dynamic faith in Jesus that defines his heart and life. 

Today on Brave Men a robust conversation that unveils the perils of spiritual complacency and the church's posture amidst societal turbulence. Together, we dissect the necessity for believers to put on the full armor of God, not for a parade but for the warfare of faith. We hit the power of prayer to reshape not just our circumstances but our own hearts. Why we must be clear on the fight that we face and the pivotal role of adversity in crafting a robust, Christ-centric life.

Stephen opens up a personal narrative most have never heard … the gritty realities of navigating family dynamics and the shaping of our faith amidst a culture that denies Christ. Stephen is a leading voice in the Godly restoration of manhood and masculinity. There is a renewal taking place and it’s time for the men of God to stand for truth, love and righteousness. Today’s Brave Men calls upon men to anchor their identities in Christ, building a life lived with vigorous faith and divine purpose.

Join us as we call men across the nations to the adventure of following Jesus Christ and his call to rise up as warriors of faith. Brave Men is a production of the Christian Men’s Network, a movement of Godly men in over 100 nations. Resources for men’s discipleship can be found at The host of Brave Men is Paul Louis Cole. Follow Paul on socials at @paullouiscole

(00:00) Spiritual Warfare and Faith Refinement
(08:35) Passion and Authenticity in Faith
(17:39) Life, Music, Trauma, Spiritual Conflict
(22:22) Family, Divorce, and Spiritual Warfare
(30:42) Men, Faith, and Society Revisited
(41:53) Journey of Faith and Spiritual Warfare
(47:28) Churches, Ministries, and Cultural Influence
(58:56) Father-Son Relationship and Faith Journey
(01:03:08) Exploration of Faith and Family Loyalty
(01:15:06) Navigating Life and Faith Journey
(01:20:53) Fatherhood and Biblical Masculinity

Apr 25, 2024 7:7 AM
Brave Men Podcast
Standing Strong at the Intersection of Faith and Culture: Larry Ross

When the weight of leadership presses upon your shoulders, where do you find your footing? Join me, Paul Louis Cole, alongside my good friend, communications specialist Larry Ross. He was the seasoned voice behind the legendary evangelist Billy Graham for over three decades and his expertise has helped amplify the message of thought leaders such as Rick Warren, Bishop Jakes, The Jesus Film, Tony Evans and many others. We tackle the challenges of being men of integrity in the public eye - from the strategic significance of public faith and leadership to the impact of personal relationships on our spiritual practices.

Fatherhood and ministry often pull at the seams of a man's life, demanding a delicate balance that can feel impossible to achieve. We get into the grit of our own upbringing, recognizing the silent sacrifices made by our fathers and the influence it casts on the next generation. Our conversation weaves through the Christian Men's Network's mission to cultivate enduring discipleship in local churches, with the promise of seeing the power of God transform families and nations alike.

We hit the issues of today’s pastoral life. From burnout to imposter syndrome, we discuss the necessity for a brotherhood of support, grounding our identities in Christ above all else. We consider the Modesto Manifesto's principles and how such commitments can fortify one's ministry against the storms of scandal and temptation. Join Larry and me in this candid discussion that promises a blueprint for integrity, purpose, and transformative leadership within men's ministry.

Brave Men is a production of the Christian Men’s Network. A global movement that is helping pastors and leaders disciple men in over 100 nations. You can find the resources you need for discipling your family, the men in your church or your sphere of influence at

(00:00) The Future of Men's Ministry
(14:04) Journey to Knowing Jesus
(25:21) Prioritizing Family in Ministry
(31:40) Stories of Humility and Inspiration
(44:19) Legacy of Faith and Influence
(52:55) Burnout, Imposter Syndrome, and Brotherhood
(01:04:53) Legacy of Fatherhood and Faith

Apr 18, 2024 6:0 AM
Brave Men Podcast
Masculinity, Fatherhood, Spirituality, Creativity and Brotherhood with Phil Pringle

Phil Pringle is a world-renowned artist, author, speaker and pastor. Join me and Dr. Phil Pringle and my son Brandon Cole in a heartwarming and profound discussion about the intersection of fatherhood, leadership, and spirituality. This episode of Brave Men will help you uncover the power of emotional bonds, particularly between fathers and sons, and how these connections shape young men's lives both inside and outside the church.

Phil is my pastor and close friend. Come inside the CMN office/studio as we have a craft coffee and share life together. Making it so much sweeter is my son Brandon engaging with us – and my son Bryce producing the episode.  

Pastor Pringle shares his incredible journey from a small church start-up in a local Australia surf station to spearheading a global network of over 700 churches, illustrating the expansive reach of vision and faith. We laugh, reflect, and celebrate the significance of nurturing relationships, honoring the influential people in our lives, and the impact they have on our personal and spiritual development.

Phil’s books such as You The Leader, Disciple, Faith and Hope are powerful resources for thousands of leaders and pastors around the world. His mentoring and discipleship has launched thousands of key men into ministry and their life mission.

The essence of masculinity is often shrouded in misconceptions, but within this episode, we redefine its narrative by exploring the intersection of strength, creativity and spirituality. We honor historical figures who embodied both the warrior and the artist, proving that true masculinity mirrors the full image of God. Our discussion also embraces the delicate art of servant leadership within the family and the church, contrasting it with the pitfalls of control and the beauty of providing a secure and thriving environment.

Join us for a dialogue that promises to ignite your faith, leadership, and personal development journey. Every great story is built on the foundation of relationships, and ours is no exception. We delve into the heart of marriage, the power of choosing love and forgiveness, and the strength that comes from unwavering friendships.

Discover the art of leadership through the lens of servanthood and the rich tapestry of masculinity as it intertwines with creativity and faith. Phil, Brandon and Paul make this an instant favorite and one to share with others.

Brave Men is a production of the Christian Men’s Network and hosted by the President of CMN, Paul Louis Cole. Follow Paul on social media at @paullouiscole and find tremendous resources for discipling men at

(00:00) Fatherhood and Leadership in C3 Movement
(07:11) Fatherhood and Servant Leadership
(18:53) Embracing Masculinity Through Artistry
(23:49) Faith in Marriage and Church
(30:16) Reclaiming Masculinity and Vision in Church
(43:12) Building Healthy Relationships in Church
(52:55) Staying Sharp With Strong Friendships
(56:21) Building Male Friendships Through Action
(01:03:31) The Power of Table Conversations

Apr 11, 2024 1:37 AM
Brave Men Podcast
Crafting Legacy: The Art of Raising Boys into Men with Brian Molitor

When the echoes of my son's laughter blended with the crackling of the campfire, a realization struck me: these are the moments that forge a legacy. That's the heart of our latest episode, where Brian Molitor and I explore the transformative role of fathers and mentors in shaping future generations. The conversation is charged with purpose as we discuss not just the duty but the art of raising boys to become men of integrity, conviction and character in Christ.

The path from boyhood to manhood is strewn with obstacles, detours and competing voices. For most boys there is not an articulated rite of passage – for most men they can’t tell you when they became a man. Brian shares his own story that led to the writing of his signature book "Boy's Passage, Man's Journey."

We dissect the integral part that family elders and grandparents play, painting a picture of the wisdom and guidance they can offer during these critical life shifts. It's a tribute to the time-honored practices that ensure the torch of maturity and responsibility is passed on with clarity and honor.

In our CMN curriculum we predicate the transition into manhood with the phrase, “Maturity doesn’t come with age, but with the acceptance of responsibility”. This episode with Brian is an impassioned call for men to step into their purpose, heal from their past, and lead with a robust spirit of mentorship as we follow Jesus with all our hearts.

(0:00:01) - Building Legacy and Raising Men

(0:07:42) - Boys Passage Man's Journey and Maturity

(0:13:42) - Life Transitions and Family Influence

(0:19:04) - The Power of Mentoring and Blessing

(0:32:52) - Navigating Men's Mentoring and Healing

(0:48:17) - Men's Mentoring and Brotherhood Principles

Brave Men is a production of the Christian Men’s Network,( CMN is one of the leading producers globally of resources for discipling men and the next generation of men. Paul Louis Cole is the President of CMN and the host of Brave Men.

Apr 4, 2024 6:0 AM
Brave Men Podcast
Recapturing Authentic Masculine Virtues with Skylar Lewis

He almost lost it all … then, through remarkable tenacity and finding renewal in Christ, recaptured his masculine virtue. Now my friend Skylar Lewis is crushing it. Join me on a radical, sacred, transformative journey with Skylar, founder of Rise Up Kings, as we explore the reconstruction and revival of authentic masculinity. We shatter the myths surrounding toxic masculinity, embrace the rigors of a spiritually focused man, and learn how to balance the pressures of work, family, and friendships and how to live a truly fulfilling life.

He candidly opens up about the journey that brought him to create the Rise Up Kings program, emphasizing the profound impact it's had on men globally. This episode is more than just a conversation; it's an invitation to witness how vulnerability and emotional intimacy can be the mortar in building stronger relationships and the fortitude that true discipline fosters within. From navigating triggers to embracing the disciplines of being a truly Christ-centered man we get real and light a path for all men to know who they are and why they are on the earth.

Skylar's heartfelt narrative from a business-driven perspective to one centered on faith, family, fitness, and finance showcases the profound impact that balance can have on a man's life. Not only does this conversation spotlight the essential pillars of a fulfilling existence, but it also serves as a testament to the strength found in authentic role models and their ability to inspire change.

There can be no discussion about personal growth without centering on the work of Jesus in our lives – the power of grace and forgiveness. We underscore the importance of resilience, repentance, and God's enduring mercy. Finally, the concept of true masculinity is reaffirmed, advocating for spaces where men can heal, grow, and deepen their faith, while positively impacting their families and communities. Skylar's dedication to fostering such communities and his belief in the inherent goodness of Christ-like masculinity serve as a beacon for those seeking to live out their divine calling. This is how we truly become the champions and leaders our families and our culture need us to be.

Brave Men is a production of the Christian Men’s Network. A global movement of men committed to living out the teachings of Jesus Christ. For tools on discipling men and sons go to The President of Christian Men’s Network, Paul Louis Cole, is the host of Brave Men.

(00:00) Rise Up Kings Movement
(04:07) Men's Discipleship and Family Rescue
(09:17) A Journey of Faith and Focus
(20:41) Navigating Vulnerability and Emotional Intimacy
(31:04) Understanding Triggers and Building Discipline
(36:55) Men's Community and Spiritual Growth
(47:52) Journey Through Grace and Forgiveness
(57:29) Rise Up Kings

Mar 28, 2024 6:0 AM
Brave Men Podcast
Nancy Houston; Unveiling the Layers of Intimacy and Personal Growth (Part 2)

When Nancy Houston and I sat down to record this podcast, little did we know that our conversation would travel such depths of the human heart, exploring the rhythms of building healthy relationships. This is part two of a remarkable and healing conversation.


Enriched by personal stories and a shared history with our spouses, we discuss the vital shift from self-centered desires to a nurturing, selfless love. What it means to live a strong, honest, authentic life as a man following Jesus. This shift is not just a theological or philosophical idea; it's the bedrock of deep connection and an enduring marriage. As we peel back the layers, we uncover the importance of supportive communities within local churches, and the transformative role that personal and leadership health play in our lives and the lives of those we touch.


Our journey takes us through the often-treacherous terrain of vulnerability and intimacy and masculinity. With Nancy's insights as a licensed professional counselor guiding the way we confront the heavy issues of guilt and shame that can stifle relationships and stop our growth as a man.


We walk boldly down the path to forgiveness—a journey that can change family dynamics and lead to profound healing. It's a candid look at the challenges all men face in showing vulnerability, the pressures of societal masculinity, and how being real with our emotions and emotional health can lead to stronger, more intimate relationships. The conversation is as much about personal growth as it is about changing perceptions of what it means to be a Christian man in today's world.


We hit the power of fatherhood and masculinity, from roughhousing with our kids to setting the stage for their future security and self-worth. We wrap up with a spotlight on the Christian Men's Network's global initiative, inspiring men to live with passion and faith. Our dialogue is an invitation—join us in this profound discussion and be part of a movement towards God honoring relationships and becoming a better man. 


Brave Men is a production of the Christian Men’s Network. The host is Paul Louis Cole. Resources for discipling men whether it’s your sons, or the men in your church at

(00:00) Healthy Relationships
(13:46) Journey to Vulnerability and Intimacy
(22:22) Marriage, Maturity, and Continuous Growth
(35:28) The Importance of Fatherhood and Masculinity
(42:46) Global Movement for Men

Mar 21, 2024 7:12 PM
Brave Men Podcast
Healing the Trauma of the Soul with Nancy Houston (Part 1)
Nancy’s life was like a movie. A bad one. One traumatic moment after another followed by repeated intense drama. Her life looked like it was headed to an apocalyptic crushing conclusion … then an unexpected turnaround when she met Jesus and Ron. What Nancy went through is the foundation of one of our most open, uninhibited conversations about emotional abuse, sexual trauma, healing and freedom.
In this Brave Men episode Paul talks in depth with noted therapist Nancy Houston about her life, her observations on trauma and how we can find healing. Nancy is an author, speaker, Executive Leadership Coach, Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Sex Therapist. 
In the first of an in-depth two-part series we walk into the depths of despair that so many of us have experienced. We talk openly about the most difficult issues that are usually hidden in the desire to look ‘normal.’ What’s hidden stays hurting. Repeated trauma can be healed. Here’s how.
Most recently Nancy has developed and leads Next Level Leadership Groups which is a relational approach to leadership. Nancy is a former adjunct at DBU and Concordia University and a fellow at the Townsend Institute at Concordia University.
(00:00) Empowering Conversations With Nancy Houston
(08:37) Uncovering Childhood Trauma
(21:12) Journey of Healing and Redemption
(32:40) Life, Love, and Finding Faith
(47:45) Navigating Trauma and Intimacy in Relationships
(58:49) Overcoming Shame and Self-Talk

Brave Men is a production of the Christian Men’s Network. Paul Louis Cole is the host. CMN produces resources to disciple men in over 40 languages. You can find these tools and information on how to disciple men at

Mar 14, 2024 6:30 AM
Brave Men Podcast
Dad Issues With Dave Novak; Is There Healing From Father Wounds?

We often push “Father wounds” to the rear of the trauma list … but often they are the underlying causation to most of them. In this candid and vulnerable conversation Dave Novak leads us into the depths of despair and pain from father wounds as recounted in his remarkable book “No More Dad Issues”. Dave deals with the burdens, wounds, and frustrations so many men have with their fathers … a trauma that has led many into the depths of depression, suicide and dysfunction.

Are you prepared to break free from the difficulties impacting your emotions, decisions, and relationships due to tension stemming from your dad? Listen and engage with Paul Cole and Dave Novak as we take a heartfelt journey through the dark tunnels of trauma to the sunlight of healing.

Today on Brave Men we not only identify the problem, we boldly declare the solution in Jesus. Here are answers you perhaps thought you’d never find. Answers that will begin to heal the heart of every man brave enough to take a step toward healing.

Dave is a well-known minister who courageously shares his hurts and difficult relationship with his father who was also a minister. He’s boldly honest, uncommonly vulnerable, and vividly transparent with his issues. On this Brave Men episode you’ll discover how to move forward beyond the exhaustive wounds weighing you down. By the end you’ll find yourself liberated with hope for a refreshing new life.

On his deathbed … on his final night alive, Dave’s father finally, tenderly, uttered the words his son had craved for 45 years: I love you.

Brave Men is a production of the Christian Men’s Network. The host is the President of CMN, Paul Louis Cole. CMN is a global movement committed to raising up healthy fathers, defeating the scourge of fatherlessness and declaring the name of Jesus to a culture that needs salvation and healing. You can find out more at

(00:00) No More Dad Issues
(09:04) Father-Son Healing Journey
(20:21) Father's Transformation and Impact on Family
(27:42) Dad Issues for Healthy Future
(36:26) The Importance of Family Connection
(44:34) Fatherhood, Regrets, and Redemption

Mar 7, 2024 1:30 AM
Brave Men Podcast
VP Mike Pence, Go Home for Dinner. Inside a Political Family

Vice President Mike Pence reveals a battle every dad faces and how a simple choice can transform your legacy. Every evening's journey back home is a choice—a quiet rebellion against the demands of an unyielding schedule. That's the ethos former Vice President Mike Pence and his daughter Charlotte discuss in their book "Go Home for Dinner," and it's the centerpiece of our heartfelt conversation in this powerful episode of Brave Men.


A candid conversation with a man who stood in the middle of shaping world history and fought for his faith … and his family. We navigate the crossroads where professional drive and family commitment intersect, sharing personal stories that reveal the surprising benefits of prioritizing those we love.


What does it truly mean to prioritize your loved ones in today's fast-paced world? Mike Pence gets personal with candid reflections on fatherhood, ambition, politics, the pressures of public service and the balance of faith in it all.

This episode isn't just about the high-stakes world of politics; it's a candid exploration of personal ambition, biblical wisdom, and the transformative power of aligning your life with God's Word for the ultimate fulfillment of your purpose. Join us as we explore the struggles and triumphs of living a life where family and faith take center stage.

Brave Men is a production of the Christian Men’s Network, a global movement of men committed to ending fatherlessness. Your host is the President of CMN, Paul Louis Cole. You can find out more about this global men’s discipleship movement at

(00:00) Family Time Over Work
(09:21) Making Faith and Family a Priority
(20:22) Balancing Work and Family Life
(30:25) The Power of Family Traditions

Mar 5, 2024 1:29 AM
Brave Men Podcast
Voices of Change: Fatherhood and Faith with Otto Kelly

From the chaotic streets of a fatherless childhood to the hard knocks of an NFL training camp Otto Kelly made one major decision - he would be the dad that stays. A celebrated college football career put Otto in the middle of the spotlight … it could have gone either way. How does a man react when faced with heavy choices? Otto Kelly shares with us what character does in the midst of pressure and temptation. 

Otto Kelly is a significant voice of hope and reason in navigating today’s chaotic culture. He has won NAACP awards for his work with young men at risk, he was the Executive Director of the Crisis Pregnancy Center in Reno, Nevada for fifteen years, has an outreach called “Sons to Men” and is also Vice-President of the Global Fatherhood Initiative. Listen in as my good friend Otto Kelly, a dynamic minister, author, and influential speaker, joins me to uncover the life-altering power life in Christ. Our heartfelt discussion navigates the critical role of faith and fatherhood in fostering societal change. As we reflect on Otto's journey from athlete to the executive director of the Crisis Pregnancy Center in Reno, we shed light on the profound effects of mentorship, responsibility, and the Global Fatherhood Initiative's mission to combat the root causes of poverty.

Our heartfelt discussion doesn't shy away from the tough topics—confronting the "father wound" many face and exploring the healing that faith can bring. By sharing personal stories and insights, Otto and I expose how the absence or presence of a father figure can shape lives. We also celebrate the way sports and family values intertwine to sculpt our sense of self. The episode is a testament to the idea that every individual has the potential to rise above adversity, guided by the steadfast hand of God, faith in Christ and a sense of identity - fueling their inherent worth and purpose.

Brave Men is hosted by Paul Louis Cole, President of the Christian Men’s Network.

(00:00) Power of Spoken Words
(09:17) Identity Formation and Fatherhood in Conversation
(15:52) Father Wound and Healing Through Faith
(28:15) Speaking Truth Over Self
(38:56) Crisis Pregnancy Center and Pro-Love
(50:34) Conversations on Compassion and Love
(58:01) Power of Identity and Love
(01:07:23) Discovering Purpose Through God's Love

Feb 29, 2024 1:30 AM
Brave Men Podcast
From Porn Star and Pain to Redemption and Purpose: The Joshua Broome Story

Girls, cars, fame and money. It sounded like the best life. Then it wasn’t. Enter a powerful and deeply moving conversation with our guest Joshua Broome, a former adult film star who has emerged a warrior from the shadows of a life once defined by exploitation and emptiness.

Joshua courageously takes us through his struggle with fatherlessness, the allure of the adult film industry and the eventual realization of his true worth. It's an intimate exploration of identity, the impact of absent fathers on life choices, and the remarkable power of mentorship and spiritual guidance that led to his monumental shift from despair to triumph.

Joshua's raw account of being called by name at his lowest point is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the redemptive power of faith and community.

This episode isn't just a tale of darkness; it's also a beacon of hope for those seeking redemption. Joshua's heartfelt account of his personal awakening to the love and grace of Jesus Christ opens a new horizon for listeners grappling with their own battles. Joshua also introduces his new book, "Seven Lies That Will Ruin Your Life," promising to lead readers away from the empty promises of the world and toward the fulfilling embrace of faith.

To build a stronger walk with God, to live in hope, redemption and faith – subscribe to the Brave Men podcast - this is how to build a positive mindset.

Brave Men is a production of the Christian Men’s Network. Hosted by Paul Louis Cole, author, speaker and the host of Monday Night Men. You can find resources for mentorship and Christian discipleship for men at, You’ll find Paul at PaulLouisCole on social media.

(00:00) Fatherlessness and the Adult Film Industry Journey
(12:38) Recruitment Into the Adult Film Industry
(26:15) The Impact of the Pornography Industry
(39:34) Pornography's Impact on Lives and Recovery
(46:42) Encountering Jesus

Feb 22, 2024 1:0 AM
Brave Men Podcast
Courage and Healing: Confronting Generational Cycles of Mental Struggles with Toby Slough

How does a small Hawaiian fish and a depressive episode lead to healing? When the weight of anxiety began to press heavily on Toby’s shoulders he discovered that healing could start right in the family's heart. That journey led him to create a workshop to strengthen those pivotal connections, laying the foundation for this deeply personal episode. 

The small story of “Be a Goby” brings us into a larger story of vulnerability, resilience, and hope, reflecting on Pastor Toby Slough's journey through his own mental health struggles. His candid message that it's "okay to not be okay" resonates throughout our conversation, weaving together the theme of parental well-being and the emotional health of our children. This is a ‘must-share’ episode of Brave Men.

The narrative takes a tender turn as we unpack "Be a Goby," Pastor Toby's children's book written as a lighthouse for young minds battling loneliness and anxiety. The pages of this story extend beyond the book, offering a haven of confidence, courage, and compassion through its accompanying website.

Our producer Bryce joins me in this show for a look into the healing presence of God and how the love of others is a part of the process. I’ve been reflecting on the remarkable stories that fill this Brave Men podcast season. Stories that echo across generations, for our sons and daughters, grandchildren, spouses and loved ones. It really is about the journey of faith and courage and wisdom and finding Jesus in the midst of our worst moments. Hope!

In our final moments, Pastor Toby joins us to call upon bravery and courage in the face of life's challenges. We explore the transformative role of faith and mindset in shaping our futures, touching on how the teachings of Jesus and Paul can renew one's sense of self. The chapter closes with a prayer for bravery, an invitation to listeners to step into their destinies with boldness, breaking free from the cycles that have long held sway over their families. This episode isn't just a conversation; it's a passage to God given empowerment for anyone ready to make those pivotal, life-altering decisions.

Subscribe to Brave Men — share it. Take a step with us into a future where every challenge is an opportunity for growth and every narrative is a testament to grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit to impute resilience into our hearts. Brave Men is a production of the Christian Men’s Network. Paul is the President of this global movement which can be found at

(00:00) Parents' Mental Health and Healing
(03:43) Be a Gobi
(08:28) Overcoming Fear and Anxiety
(20:41) Healing With Truth and Faith
(31:15) Family Identity and Mental Wellness Building
(44:46) Coaching, Shame, Help in the Church
(55:40) Embracing Bravery and Courage in Life

Feb 15, 2024 1:30 AM
Brave Men Podcast
Embracing Grace and Authentic Discipleship: A Journey of Courage and Identity with Robbie Angle

Discover the unexpected treasure trove of wisdom with Robbie Angle, president and CEO of True Face, as he shares his transformative journey from achievement-driven existence to a life steeped in the grace of Christ. Robbie's remarkable stories, including his charitable exploits in Pakistan and profound rooftop realizations, shed light on the true meaning of discipleship and the role of character and courage in exemplifying Jesus in today's world. Our candid conversation traverses the intricate dance between faith and the pressing demands of modern masculinity, offering listeners a glimpse into the life of a man fully committed to following Christ.

Allow me to take you on a heartfelt exploration of what it means to juggle the responsibilities of leading a ministry with the joys and challenges of fatherhood. Robbie's insights on intentional relationships and the example set by Jesus Himself emphasize the power of focused fellowship in our spiritual walk. Painstakingly we unpack the misconceived notions of grace as a passive attribute, revealing instead its dynamic force that incites love, cultivates the fruits of the Spirit, and reshapes our daily lives.

As we conclude this powerful episode, the conversation moves towards the attractive nature of living in true identity through Christ. The theology of grace comes alive as we examine the historical and moral complexities of our faith journey. Robbie and I also highlight the vital role of community in keeping us anchored to the grace that defines us. Join us as we encourage the brave men among us to embrace their spiritual journey with courage, guided by the resources and discipleship programs available to help them thrive in their faith and everyday lives.

Visit for more information and resources.


(0:00:00) - Men's Discipleship and True Grace

Robbie Angle shares his journey through faith and discipleship, exploring masculinity and the transformative power of living in grace.

(0:11:47) - The Convergence and Meaning of Discipleship

Father's influence, vocational calling, discipleship, mission work, personal transformation, and service in Christian ministry.

(0:16:05) - Understanding the Concept of Grace

Grace, identity, and discipleship are explored, challenging misconceptions and inspiring active love through a secure identity in Christ's love.

(0:22:59) - Navigating Tensions in Life and Fatherhood

Balancing ministry and fatherhood, navigating tensions, and finding wisdom in managing family and work life.

(0:38:47) - Intentional Relationships in Discipleship

Relationships in spiritual growth, intentional discipleship, Jesus's example, and the allure of social media popularity.

(0:50:06) - The Theology of Grace and Living

Transformative journey of discipleship, embracing new identity in Christ, tension between seeking answers and embracing mysteries of faith.

(0:54:29) - Exploring Grace in Faith

Grace transforms Christian life, redefining the relationship between being and doing. Faith in a works-focused world, community, and historical context are discussed.

(1:06:56) - Brave Men

Christian Men's Network supports men's spiritual journey with resources, discipleship programs, and Brave Men podcast.


Feb 8, 2024 7:54 AM
Brave Men Podcast
Faith on Wheels: Uniting Passion and Purpose with Barry Meguiar (Season 5 Premiere)

When the hum of an engine syncs with the whispers of faith, life takes a turn toward the extraordinary—this is the story Barry Meguiar and I share in our latest conversation. As I sit with Barry, a car enthusiast with a heart ignited for Jesus, we journey through the lanes of his family's historic car care legacy and how it parallels the spiritual wisdom gained from a life attuned to God's guidance. Personal tales of perseverance and answered prayers serve as signposts, reminding us that unwavering faith can steer us through life's sharp turns and into paths lit with divine purpose.

Barry is the President of Meguiar’s, a 100-year-old family business that manufactures the leading Meguiar's brand of car care products for cleaning and protecting automotive surfaces. He has been one of the most visible “car guys” in the world as the two-decade host of the award-winning TV show “Car Crazy”.

The episode takes a reflective turn as I share about my wife and me and our own moments of rediscovering joy within our walk of faith. A profound shift in perspective transformed our sense of duty into a powerful life of passion. This enriched our marriage and deepened our understanding of true ministry. It is a strong reminder that sharing our faith shines a beacon of hope in even the darkest corridors, lighting up our walk with Jesus. 

Our high-octane discussion culminates with an invitation to embrace the nudges of the Holy Spirit, to defeat fear with faith, and to discover the unshakeable joy that comes from living freely in God's favor. With passionate stories we explore how our smallest gestures can have the largest impact, shaping lives and legacies. Whether you're a gearhead, a seeker, or just someone curious about the intersection of passion and faith, this episode offers a roadmap to igniting a life of purpose, fulfillment, and joy.

Brave Men is a production of the Christian Men’s Network. The host, Paul Louis Cole, is president of this diverse multi-national movement, which may be found at 



(0:00:00) - The Power of Following the Nudge

(0:05:06) - Barry Meguiar 

(0:17:15) - Finding Joy in Full-Time Ministry

(0:30:51) - Ignite Your Life

(0:44:55) - Follow the Nudge, Live Freely

(0:51:19) - Defeating Fear and Finding Joy


Feb 1, 2024 1:0 AM
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BraveMen S4E161: Mike Kai - The Journey to Inspire

Mike was 21 and suddenly the single dad of Courtney, his 2 year old little girl. Now what do you do? And what will the future hold? The journey from that painful and difficult time to pastoring one of the most vibrant churches in America is a powerful, uplifting and dynamic story. From meeting Jesus to meeting his wife Lisa it is a compelling testimony of the beauty of God’s grace. Join Paul Louis Cole and Mike Kai for a captivating Bravemen Podcast.


Originally from Honoka'a on the Big Island of Hawai'i, Mike’s personal testimony of finding Jesus during a crucial stage of his life sparked his calling to serve God, the people of Hawai'i and the world. Today with his wife Lisa they pastor Inspire Church, a multi-campus community of faith in Hawaii. Mike leads the annual Kingdom Man Conference, and the Equip and Inspire Conference, which has attendees from across the Hawaiian Islands, US Mainland, and Internationally.


Mike and Lisa reside on Oahu and are the proud parents of three daughters and two grandchildren. Mike is the author of The Pound for Pound Principle, That Doesn’t Just Happen and other great titles. Lisa is the author of Perfectly You.


BraveMen is a production of the Christian Men’s Network. You can find Paul Cole’s bio on that site and resources for discipling men at

Oct 17, 2023 12:58 PM
Brave Men Podcast
BraveMen S4E160-Rawd Jones-Does Christianity have a future in America?

Paul Cole and thought leader Rawd Jones get into the middle the controversy on the future of Christianity in America. Is it even a Christian nation – was it ever? What’s our responsibility to that as men?


Rawd brings decades of national leadership into a fascinating discussion and surprising conclusions. His Rplenish ministry helps pastors stay spiritually and emotionally healthy - building servant-leaders who are focused and successful.


BraveMen is produced by the Christian Men’s Network, one of the premiere content creators of discipleship tools for men. CMN builds strong men to produce strong families and strong churches. Those resources in over 30 languages are available at Paul Louis Cole is the President of CMN.

Oct 9, 2023 8:0 PM
Brave Men Podcast
BraveMen S4E158: Vietnam

Vietnam. Just that name brings back memories and pain for many. For others the compelling story of an emerging global economy. For a remarkable group of people it is about the compassion to help so many who are the human toll of a century of conflict.

And in the midst of this mix and against many obstacles is an emerging church. Brimming with hope and living in faith that tomorrow will be a better day. That Jesus changes everything.

Along with our partner Giving It Back To Kids and traveling with good friend Ps. Joe Onasai we conducted a powerful series of events in Vietnam recently. It was awesome. In a conversation with my son Bryce we recount the stories.

BraveMen podcast is a production of the Christian Men’s Network.

Sep 12, 2023 3:18 PM
Brave Men Podcast
BraveMen S4E157: Chris Harper-Real / Better

My friend Chris Harper takes us on a journey of joy, fatherhood, realness and biblical masculinity in this enjoyable and motivating episode of BraveMen. Chris is the Chief Storyteller at Better Man ministries, an ally with Christian Men’s Network and a powerful voice for Biblical masculinity across the nations.

Chris is an engaging witness of the power of God and illustrates it by recounting how he went from being a law student to the pastor of a local church. It’s a crazy story – and that’s Chris. He has an earned doctorate from Southwest Seminary and travels and writes extensively. The ministry he leads came out of the “Men’s Fraternity” outreach of Pastor Robert Lewis and “33 the Series”.

Harper believes the world needs some bold men for Jesus. And that’s what you’ll get today – you’ll be fired up after listening to Paul and Chris. Chris is married with four children, loves Nashville hot chicken, sports of all kinds and 90’s hip-hop. He believes hospitality is the new evangelism and that art, music, community and commerce are the most powerful mediums for gospel witness.

BraveMen is produced by the Christian Men’s Network and supported by friends and brothers across the nations. For resources and discipleship tools –

Aug 21, 2023 8:0 PM
Brave Men Podcast
BraveMen S4E156: Michael Rasa-Down to UP

He was a teenage Army private who became a national business owner - from a scuffling childhood to building a powerful ministry to families. This man knows better than most the ups and downs of life … and what it takes to overcome the obstacles. Today on BraveMen the inspirational story of Michael Rasa.

Having grown up in a difficult family environment, Michael was forced to quit school at the age of fourteen to go to work. At ‘almost eighteen’ he joined the Army and became a model soldier. Three years later he was honorably discharged and began his business career. In 1994 he and his wife Debbie founded Rasa Floors and it has become a market leader in the flooring industry with eleven Service Centers serving Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas.

Michael and Debbie both enjoy contributing to and leading their company, as well as flying their airplanes together often. They are happily married and have three grown daughters, three sons-in-law and six grandchildren. This story will fire you up! For more info and tools for mentoring men;

Jul 17, 2023 8:0 PM