KSL at Night: 4-2-2024

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KSL at Night: 4-2-2024


Published on Apr 2, 2024, 8:00:24 PM
Total time: 00:38:59

Episode Description

Host: Leah Murray

Illegal demolition of historic former church

There was some development drama over the Easter weekend. KSL at Night Host Leah Murray begins the show with the partial demolition of a cherished historic Utah landmark, the Fifth Ward LDS Meetinghouse, located at 740 South 300 West in Salt Lake City. Old buildings get demolished all the time, so why are people so upset about this? KSL Reporter Carter Williams joins Leah to talk about what happened and why it should matter to all Utahns, not just members of the LDS church.

Day 2 of Chad Daybell’s capital punishment case

Jury selection has begun for the Chad Daybell case with jury selection underway when a jury pool of 100's is whittled down to a jury box of 18 to proceed with a trial. Greg Skordas, KSL Legal Analyst and Host of KSL at Night, joins the show to shed some light on why jury selection is different for capital punishment cases. The KSL at Night hosts harken back and compare to last year when Lori Vallow, the girlfriend of Daybell, was convicted of murder and grand theft.

Moving forward after higher ed campus DEI overhaul

This year the Utah Legislature passed a series of bills regarding higher education in our state. How are schools implementing these changes? How can higher education officials work better with legislators to bring their interests in line? To unpack these questions and more, Jessica Oyler, VP of Student Access and Success at Weber State University, joins Leah Murray for this segment of KSL at Night.

Meta is now limiting political content on their platforms

Social media has been shown to cause mental distress to teenagers and there’s concern that consumer data is being used by foreign adversaries, but it also influences how we interact with political content. Meta, owner of Facebook and Instagram, is now automatically enrolling all users across their platforms in a setting that will limit suggestions of political content. Earl Foote, CEO and Founder at Nexus IT, joins us to help break down the impacts of this change.
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