KSL at Night: 3-28-2024

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KSL at Night: 3-28-2024


Published on Mar 28, 2024, 8:00:00 PM
Total time: 00:38:41

Episode Description

Host: Leah Murray

Congresswoman Celeste Maloy describes her trip to the Arizona border

Immigration is one of the top concerns for U.S. voters, which is why politicians have been working to figure out a good solution to this issue. Over the weekend, Congresswoman Celeste Maloy paid a visit to Sierra Vista, a border town in southeastern Arizona. She joins Leah to share what she saw and how it’s different from what she saw at the Texas border.

Mallory Bateman explains the census’ new race and ethnicity categorization

In 2030, the U.S. Census is changing the way we count people. For the record, we’ve been counting people in this country since 1790 since we are constitutionally required to do so, but how we do it is left to the bureaucrats at the Census Bureau to decide. Mallory Bateman, Director of Demographic Research at the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute, joins Leah to discuss what this change would mean for their work with studying demographics.

Taylor Morgan discusses the meaning behind early election results

A Democrat has flipped the seat in a special election to the Alabama Legislature. She focused her campaign on abortion rights in a state that’s known for being deeply conservative, and she won. Could this be a bellwether? Taylor Morgan, Partner at Morgan & May Public Affairs and Host of KSL @ Night, joins the discussion.

Nick Norris lays out the newest plan for SLC’s Ballpark neighborhood

City planners have released a new plan that will try to merge the old and new ways of the southwest corner of Salt Lake City’s ballpark neighborhood. Nick Norris, Planning Director at the SLC Planning Division, joins Leah to discuss what’s in the new plan.

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