KSL at Night: 3-21-2024

KSL at Night

KSL at Night: 3-21-2024


Published on Mar 21, 2024, 8:00:00 PM
Total time: 00:38:40

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Host: Leah Murray

Who’s funding Utah Senate campaign ads?

Let’s start the show off with some campaign finance talk because the article that was published today in the Deseret News talks about the most highly competitive primary Senate race in over 30 years, meaning there’s a lot of money rolling in. Taylor Morgan, KSL @ Night Host and Partner at Morgan & May Public Affairs, joins Leah to discuss who’s involved and where the funds are coming from.

The West High Clinic’s grand opening

The West High Clinic had its grand opening yesterday. The University of Utah Health, the SLC School District, and the Salt Lake Education Foundation all worked together to build this clinic, which would provide physical and mental health services to students on campus. James Yapias, Senior Director of the Salt Lake Education Foundation, joins Leah to discuss what inspired this move and what parents and students need to know before receiving its services.

Housing affordability is the #1 policy priority for Utahns

We are third in the nation for housing being out of reach of people’s income. First is Hawaii, second is California, and third is Utah. The deal is when a place is amazing, it gets expensive to live here. And, not surprisingly, it’s the number one issue that Utahns want legislators to focus on. Steve Waldrip, Senior Advisor for Housing Strategy and Innovation, joins Leah to discuss the policy issue at hand here.

An inside look at the “UTA Moves 2050” roadmap

The Utah Transit Authority has just recently released their 2050 roadmap, which details what they want to implement by 2050. UTA Manager of Long Range Strategic Planning Alex Beim joins Leah to discuss what the biggest takeaways are of this roadmap as well as what their strategies will look like.
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