World's VOICE day (to my #TheYedaRadio subscribers)

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World's VOICE day (to my #TheYedaRadio subscribers)


Published on Apr 16, 2023, 10:41:51 AM
Total time: 00:01:30

Episode Description

It's International VOICE Day, a very special day and Charlie Chaplin day, too. These are my favorite versions of the original song Smile ➡️ ⬅️ and this is my raw take on this beautiful song, my raw voice, my raw version, no edit, no rehearsal just how feel it, real from the heart, this is my voice singing, without impersonations. This is how I sing. My voice is very important for my happiness, profession as singer, voice-actor, podcaster, and the art of interesting people like #charliechaplin is the reason why I do my 4 podcasts #ARTinHEART🎙️ #VIPdossierTalks💋


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Singing without microphone is tough but I do it from the heart ❤ New recordings challenge from listeners, followers, subscribers ♥️ Old recordings ☺️😅 just for fun 😉 #ARTinHEART🎙 #TheYedaRadio🎤 #VoxPapilio🦋 #VIPdossierTalks👄