The Outcast Podcast - EP 114 - Cleveland Steamer

The Outcast Podcast

The Outcast Podcast - EP 114 - Cleveland Steamer


Published on May 15, 2024, 6:03:06 PM
Total time: 00:52:05

Episode Description

The Outcast Podcast 114

Welcome, Misfits!

Buckle up, Outcasts, because today's episode is so jam-packed with testosterone that you'll be growing a beard just by listening! Here’s what we’ve got lined up for you:

🎉 Ramo's 20-Year Anniversary 🎉

Twenty years of Ramo being Ramo. Can you believe it? Neither can we. We’re celebrating two decades of our favorite loose cannon with stories that will make you laugh, cry, and probably question your life choices.

👮 Memphis and the Mystery of the Police Shirt 👮

Memphis showed up today wearing a police shirt. Is he undercover? Trying to intimidate us? Or just embracing his inner bad boy? Tune in to find out!

💀 Death Pool Drama 💀

Someone’s about to win our infamous death pool. Who had the darkest predictions? And who’s cashing in on the Grim Reaper’s latest visit? Morbid curiosity got the better of us, and you won’t want to miss it.

🙏 Praying for Trump 🙏

In the most bizarre turn of events, a man was caught on camera praying for Donald Trump to save him as he was being arrested. Spoiler alert: Trump did not show up. But hey, points for creativity!

🏈 Tom Brady's Roast Rebuttal 🏈

Tom Brady has had enough of the roasts. After some blowback, he’s declared, “No more roasts!” Will the GOAT stick to his guns, or is this just another play in his game?

🏠 U.S. Airman Shot in Florida 🏠

An airman was shot in his own home in Florida. Florida, man... Is it something in the water down there? We’ll delve into the details and try to make sense of the senseless.

🤕 Steve Buscemi's Bad Day 🤕

Steve Buscemi hospitalized after a random attack in NY. Seriously, who attacks Steve Buscemi? The man's a national treasure! We’ve got the scoop on this inexplicable assault.

🍑 Guess That Sex Act Contest 🍑

Our outrageous "Guess That Sex Act" contest is back by popular demand! Think you know your kinky trivia? Let’s see if you can guess these wild acts. Warning: Not safe for work or the faint of heart!

🗞️ Tomkat’s Twisted News Recap 🗞️

Tomkat takes us through a whirlwind of the weird, wacky, and WTF news. From alien abductions to bizarre Florida man headlines, we've got the scoop on everything odd and outstanding.

🎉 Cheers from Our Sponsors! 🎉

Massive shout-out to Better Help and Liquid IV for keeping our spirits high and our bodies hydrated. Without you, facing reality would be unavoidable, and who wants that? Here's to the misfits and mavericks who make our community one of a kind.

That’s all for this wild ride of an episode, folks. Whether you're hitting high scores, picking your rap champion, following political theatre, or just chilling waiting for the laws to change, remember: life’s a game, and the play button is all yours. Smash it!

Don't forget to tune in, turn up, and drop out with us next week for another episode of "The Outcast Podcast." Until then, keep rocking in the free world and laugh a little – it’s good for the brain cells you haven’t fried at Dave & Buster’s!

🎙️✨ Cheers to you, our beloved fans, the true beacons in the fog of the ordinary! 🎙️✨

Stay Outcast, Stay Awesome!

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