May 5, 2024 — Kurt Konecny with Tim Swartz

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May 5, 2024 — Kurt Konecny with Tim Swartz


Published on May 5, 2024, 1:09:43 AM
Total time: 01:50:00

Episode Description

This episode features better audio and fewer ads: Gene and cohost Tim Swartz present Kurt Konecny, one of the co-hosts of the podcast “The Strange Sessions.” In the podcast, Kurt and his friend and fellow ghosthunter Krista look into stories of the strange, whether it’s poltergeists, alien abduction, time travel, Bigfoot, or the nature of reality itself. Expecting only a few friends and family to listen to their podcast, Kurt and Krista were amazed when people they didn’t know started listening and joining their Facebook group. A lifelong Wisconsin native, Kurt has been into the paranormal ever since he was a child, experiencing several unexplained things in the house he grew up in. This blossomed into a lifelong fascination with ghosts, aliens, and anything spooky, eventually joining the Wisconsin-based paranormal research group Heartland Paranormal Investigations and doing investigations all over the Midwest. Kurt believes that the world is far stranger than anyone realizes. And that’s a good thing, because without that sense of mystery and wonder, life would just be dull. He also has a chapter about the synchronicity of numbers and time in the upcoming book: “Weird Time — Exploring the Mysteries of Time and Space.” Gene has also contributed a chapter to this book. You can listen to “The Strange Sessions” podcast at: The Strange Sessions | Kurt and Krista

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