April 28, 2024 — Philip Kinsella with Tim Swartz

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April 28, 2024 — Philip Kinsella with Tim Swartz


Published on Apr 28, 2024, 5:30:00 AM
Total time: 01:57:47

Episode Description

This episode features better audio and fewer ads: Gene and cohost Tim Swartz present a return visit from Philip Kinsella, author of several UFO and spiritual books who has written countless articles surrounding UFOs, consciousness and the afterlife. He began his investigations after an alien abduction he’d experienced back in the winter of 1989 and has spent the rest of his years exploring alternate theories surrounding both UFOs and alien contact, as well as psychic phenomena. In 1996, he published an article in Alien Encounters magazine, which had been considered within its theoretical application, entitled "Spirits in a Material World," which created some controversy with regards to his theoretical assumptions surrounding what a certain faction of the Greys may represent. Philip has lectured on the subject and has appeared on national television. He also co-hosts a radio program ran by the Paranormal UK Radio Network called "Twin Souls." In this episode, Philip discusses one of his books, "Terrestrial Trespassers." It covers such topics as: What are the Greys? Why are they here, and furthermore, what are their intentions? Why is it that after decades of alien abduction and UFO research we are no nearer in truly establishing what we may be up against regarding this omnipresent force which seemingly operates beyond our level of reality and hides within the shadows like phantoms in the night? Philip takes a candid look at the phenomenon, along with other areas of high strangeness in his search for the clues which may answer some truly extraordinary claims.

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