Unraveling the Best Car Incentives of 2024

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Unraveling the Best Car Incentives of 2024


Published on May 6, 2024, 7:55:55 AM
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In this episode of PennyWise, host Nat Cardona teams up with NerdWallet's personal finance writer Kim Palmer to give you the latest on getting the best incentives when buying a new car in 2024. As the auto market recovers from its pandemic-induced slump, buyers are once again finding themselves in the driver's seat with a variety of enticing deals.

Discover what auto incentives entail, from rebates to low-interest financing, and learn why flexibility and research are important when it comes to car shopping. We'll go through the ins and outs of navigating dealership offers, regional rebate variations, and being armed with information before you step foot on the lot.

Charge up your knowledge on electric vehicles (EVs) as well, as we discuss how to combine manufacturer incentives with federal tax credits for savings. Whether you're buying or leasing, PennyWise is here to ensure you're geared up for negotiation and ready to secure the best possible deal on your next ride.

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