Taylor Town, USA

Penn's Sunday School

Taylor Town, USA


Published on Mar 28, 2023, 2:18:50 PM
Total time: 00:48:23

Episode Description

How to game game shows, how to pass an inverse Turing test, & "khilarryus" is not the word.  Featuring Jandro, & brought to you by Masterclass:


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Join us as Penn Jillette, Michael Goudeau, Matt Donnelly, and YOU discuss the news of the week. We'll examine religious news, talk about monkeys, and anything else that seems funny or makes us mad. We'll also take your suggestions for things you feel like talking about. We run a live video stream from Show Creators Studios for people with the time and inclination to watch people sitting and talking. The live show starts Sundays at noon Vegas time, at www.twitch.tv/reddirich, & is usually available for download from your favorite podcast aggregator by 9 am Monday morning.