Everlasting Divine Affection and Its Transformative Power

CityLight NYC Church Podcast

Everlasting Divine Affection and Its Transformative Power


Published on Mar 19, 2024, 5:00:00 AM
Total time: 00:58:44

Episode Description

In this profound episode of the CityLight Church podcast, we are graced with the presence of guest speaker Maurice Johnson, who joins us to delve into the infinite love and grace of God. Maurice's message intertwines personal stories of faith and the scriptural narratives that define our spiritual walk, as we reflect on Jeremiah 31:3 and the eternal affection of the divine. Our community is invited to partake in this exploration, discovering how the love of God heals, transforms, and holds us in a state of perpetual grace.  With the guidance of Maurice Johnson we traverse the landscape of divine love, examining how the Lord's unyielding forgiveness is an inheritance for all believers. Maurice brings to life the journey of King David and Paul's declarations in the Scriptures, teaching us that our flaws are met with divine grace and not condemnation. We celebrate the abundant mercy of God as seen in 1 John 1, and Maurice invites listeners to engage in active faith, calling upon God's goodness in every aspect of life.  Maurice's message reaffirms our belief in the healing power of God's promises, encouraging us to embrace the divine assistance available to us. 

This episode promises to be a spiritual voyage enriched by the teachings of Maurice Johnson and the enveloping warmth of God's love and grace.

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