Episode 11: Pastor's Wife and Full Time Ministry - with Leana Platt

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Episode 11: Pastor's Wife and Full Time Ministry - with Leana Platt


Published on Feb 25, 2020, 7:00:00 AM
Total time: 00:20:44

Episode Description

The role of a pastor's wife, a minister, or a church leader can be a lonely road. Today Leana Platt shares from her heart - based on her many years in the role of church leadership and supporting women around the world with Doxa Deo Church.

Leana has been in full-time ministry with her husband, Alan Platt, since 1992. They are the visionary leaders of Doxa Deo which is an international ministry with 28 campuses. They have two married children, Duncan who is married to Ivy, and Amy who is married to Amie. Leana has a passion for ladies in the full-time ministry and she has developed a mentor program for young pastor’s wives. She is also an author and has written 8 daily planners for women. Leana is also a breast cancer survivor.

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