BraveMen S3E97: CJ Watson - From Talent to Character

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BraveMen S3E97: CJ Watson - From Talent to Character


Published on Jun 8, 2021, 12:00:00 AM
Total time: 00:52:18

Episode Description

In elementary school C.J. Watson would tell his friends that one day he would play in the NBA. It sounded like a typical little kid bragging to cover up the pain of the Las Vegas inner city – but he had a dream – and he wouldn’t let go. His parents encouraged him to read, to do well in school and took him to community service projects to build into him character.

C.J. became a talented player for national powerhouse Bishop Gorman High School then was recruited to University of Tennessee where he had a tremendous career. After not being drafted, he stayed after his dream, playing in overseas leagues, development leagues, summer leagues until the call came to play for the Golden State Warriors.

C.J. carved out a strong 10-year NBA career not only with talent but an ability to overcome odds and tune out doubters. Now C.J. has a new dream – to encourage children to go after their dreams, to build character and to live with resilience.

C.J. has now produced three books for children, CJ’s Big Dream, CJ’s Big Project and CJ’s Big Moment. Today on Brave Men – what it takes to pursue your dream – it’s not just about talent.

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