BraveMen S3E89: Robert Barriger - The Revelation of Jesus Christ

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BraveMen S3E89: Robert Barriger - The Revelation of Jesus Christ


Published on Apr 20, 2021, 12:00:00 AM
Total time: 00:53:41

Episode Description

Dr. Robert Barriger and his wife Karyn pastor one of the most significant churches in Latin America, Camino de Vida in Lima, Peru. His global ministry to pastors and churches have taken him across Peru and across the nations establishing Pastor Barriger as a pastor to pastors. His writings and training have helped hundreds of churches grow, impact their community and build healthy families. He is considered one of the foremost teachers on John's book, the last book in the bible - Revelation.

Here is an eye-opening myth shattering conversation on the hope God brings to us from the book of Revelation - the full title giving away the secret of it - The Revelation of Jesus Christ. What do all the signs mean? Is this a book of judgement? Is the world on the edge of destruction? Real answers give us real hope and it's one of the most intriguing, enlarging and encouraging conversations you will ever hear.

One of the most powerful marks of the church Robert and Karyn pastor in Lima is the community and national outreaches they undertake. During the most recent Covid-19 lockdowns Camino de Vida fed over 300,000 people and helped hundreds recover their health. Thousands of physically challenged poor have been given wheel chairs. Hundreds of churches across South America are directly impacted every month by the pastoral and volunteer training that comes from Camino de Vida. This is a high impact, high touch church and mission outreach. Dr. Barriger serves on the Board of Christian Men's Network and heads up the large men's movement in Latin America called Red de Hombres.

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