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Brave Men Podcast

BraveMen S3E81: Disney, Brotherhood and the Story of Ray Ray McElrathbey


Published on Mar 2, 2021, 12:00:00 AM
Total time: 00:57:22

Episode Description

Growing up surviving the streets and housing projects of Atlanta, Ray Ray McElrathbey never thought Disney would make a movie about his life … and yet Disney+ has made a movie about what he did in helping raise his little brother, it’s called “Safety” and it’s out now.

Ray Ray’s inspiring story began when his family moved into a housing project in Atlanta, where Ray Ray picked up sports. As he excelled in athletics, his mother struggled with drugs and his parents divorced. Raised by loved ones he miraculously got a scholarship to Clemson.

During his freshman year at Clemson, Ray Ray’s 11 yr. old little brother Fahmarr needed to escape the issues in the projects - so Ray Ray, with the help of teammates, hid him in his dorm room. They were discovered … but then something amazing happened.

The Clemson community came to his aid. ABC News named Ray Ray the Person of the Week – and the NCAA allowed friends and family to help him take care of his little brother.

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