Brave Men Podcast

Brave Men Podcast

BraveMen S3E72: Jon Gordon - The Power of Positivity


Published on Jan 12, 2021, 12:00:00 AM
Total time: 00:52:40

Episode Description

On today’s podcast, Jon Gordon, a world leader on executing positivity, talks about how our thinking can determine our future. In a freewheeling discussion Jon brings us fresh inspiration and shares the background to his best-selling book, The Carpenter. Jon is a world-renowned specialist in coaching corporate clients such as Dell, Southwest Airlines and West Point Military Academy. He works with people who want to become excellent in life … sports teams like the Rams, Dodgers, Heat and Pacers have all benefited from Jon’s unique perspective and encouragement. In an exclusive interview with Paul Cole, Jon shares from his personal journey and how the power of positivity has changed his own life.

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Wisdom and courage for the journey - navigating life with the help of a father's voice. Paul Louis Cole is the founder/president of the Global Fatherhood Initiative and We are a human justice mission focused on defeating fatherlessness, ending child abuse and stopping human trafficking. This is done through the mentoring of men. GFI is on the ground in over 100 nations.