Brave Men Podcast

Brave Men Podcast

Brave Men S3E38: The Tenacious Pursuit of a Dream: The NFL Demario Davis Story


Published on Jun 23, 2020, 10:37:23 PM
Total time: 00:52:06

Episode Description

Demario Davis is one of the leading players in the National Football League. He’s a ferocious hitting All-pro linebacker for the New Orleans Saints. Demario is also hitting fatherlessness and urban issues in our culture with the same ferocity. He is the founder of Devoted Dreamers Foundation that inspires young men to live the life God intended for them. Davis grew up in one of the poorest regions of Mississippi but he had a dream … play in the NFL. With tenacious hard work that dream came to pass. Today as a father and community leader Demario has a passion for young men to meet Jesus and to fulfill their destiny. This is a fascinating conversation with a remarkable man.

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