Where Did the Events in the Book of Mormon Take Place? - Part 3

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Where Did the Events in the Book of Mormon Take Place? - Part 3


Published on Jan 27, 2024, 10:55:57 PM
Total time: 00:20:01

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In this Part 3 of three Religion Today shows on the evidence for where the Book of Mormon events actually took place, Martin Tanner, points out that no Native North American tribes or groups had a written language before Columbus.  Thus the Book of Mormon could not have been written by Native North Americans.  Many Mesoamerican tribes had a written language, making it most likely the Book of American came from Mesoamerica.  Cement cities are mentioned in Heleman 3:7. There are no Native American cement cities. El Mirador in southern Mexico, if a city that flourished from 550 BC, made almost entirely of ultra-high quality cement. Leprosy, weapons, volcanos and a sunken city in Mesoamerica are also discussed by Martin, as evidences which favor Mesoamerica, specifically the Yucatan Penninsula, as the place where Book of Mormon events happened.

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