The Visions of Joseph Smith - Part 1

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The Visions of Joseph Smith - Part 1


Published on Apr 5, 2024, 9:01:33 PM
Total time: 00:20:00

Episode Description

In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner describes most of the early, significant visions of Joseph Smith.  Joseph Smith had 70 known visions, and it is likely that more were unrecorded.  There are four accounts of visions of Father and Son together. In several of these, others saw the vision along with Joseph Smith.  In four other visions, Joseph Smith and others with him, saw Jesus.  Joseph Smith also saw many Old Testament prophets, including Adam, Moses, Enoch, Elias and Elijah.  Joseph Smith saw New Testament Apostles Peter, James, John and Paul.  He also saw Nephite Apostles.  In part 2 of the Visions of Joseph Smith, learn about Joseph Smith's visions of the future, growth of the Church, future calamities, temple designs and locations, the Second Coming, and other subjects.


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