The Visions of Joseph Smith - Part 2

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The Visions of Joseph Smith - Part 2


Published on Apr 20, 2024, 8:05:40 PM
Total time: 00:19:59

Episode Description

In Part 2 of the Visions of Joseph Smith, Religion Today host Martin Tanner describes about fifteen more of the 70 known visions of Joseph Smith, including four visions of the Father and the Son, and five additional visions of Jesus.  Although some of these accounts are in scripture, most are found in diary entries of Joseph Smith, and his close associates and friends.  Martin Tanner describes visions of the appearance of Adam and Eve, Moses, the Apostle Peter, Elias (Noah), Elijah, the future growth of the Church, future calamaties prior to the Second Coming of Jesus, a spiritual battle with Satan, and many others, especially in connection with the completion and dedication of the Kirtland Temple.  

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