The Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible or Inspired Version

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The Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible or Inspired Version


Published on Mar 2, 2024, 5:09:09 PM
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Joseph Smith's "Inspired Version" often described as the "Joseph Smith Translation" was an inspired effort made by JS to restore plain and precious truths to the Bible which had been lost.  The IV or JST was inspired by passages in the Book of Mormon, observed during the translation process, that pertained to ther Bible.  It commenced just a few months after the Book of Mormon translaton and printing had been completed. It was never completed.  JS was working on it until the day he died in 1844. The JST/IV consists of (1) expensions of material about Moses, Enoch and Melchizedek, (2) grammatical improvements, (3) meaning changes, (4) interpretive changes or additions usually indicated by "or in other words", (5) changes that clarify, and, (6) reconciling passages that contradicted other Bible passages.  To make his JST or IV, Joseph used a King James Bible purchased from E.B. Grandin by Oliver Cowdery.  Learn more about the inspired changes from this episode of Religion Today, hosted by Martin Tanner

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