The Book of Mormon Description of Hill Cumorah

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The Book of Mormon Description of Hill Cumorah


Published on Feb 2, 2024, 9:37:08 PM
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We have a very good idea of where Book of Mormon events actually took place. How can there be two Hlll Cumorahs?  The same way there are many "Jefferson Avenues" and "State Streets".  The Book of Mormon text does not fit the small gravel hill by the Smith family farm where Moroni buried the plates.  It does fit the large, prominent hill in the "Tuxtla Mountains" in southern Veracruz, Mexico, east of Mexico City, almost to the Gulf of Mexico, and a little South. The Hill Shim/Cumorah is likely the Mayan hill "Shim" later called the hill "Cintepic" by the Aztecs. Cin=corn tepic=hill.  Mayan and Aztec legends say the corn grown by the base of the hill Shim grows from the blood of their ancestors where the Jeredites and Nephites were slaughtered. The waters of Ripliancum are probably the "Hueyapan River." the River Sidon is most likely the Grijalva river.  The City of Nephi is probably the Kaminaljuyu city ruins on the western edge of Guatamala City.

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