Handel's Messiah

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Handel's Messiah


Published on Dec 15, 2023, 9:33:38 PM
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Handel's "Messiah" like many masterpieces, was inspired and thus composed in a short period of time, just 24 days.  Handel's Messiah was written with few revisions on 259 pages. The text was written by a wealthy English gentleman, Charles Jennens.  The music was composed by Georg Frideric Handel, although German born, also an Englishman when the Messiah was comosed.  The Messiah debuted in Dublin, Ireland to an audience of about 700. Its popularity grew steadily, until now, it is perhaps the most beloved Christmas musical performance of all.  Its scriptural basis is impressive.  It contains 81 Bible verses from 14 books of the Bible.  Isaiah is quoted most, 21 times. Next, Psalms, is quoted 15 times. First Corinthians is quoted 10 times.  Many people are moved to tears when listening to Handel's Messiah, including Martin Tanner, the host of Religion Today.

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