Filmmaker T.C. Christensen's New Film:  Escape from Germany

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Filmmaker T.C. Christensen's New Film: Escape from Germany


Published on Apr 12, 2024, 8:41:16 PM
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In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner interviews T.C. Christensen, Latter-day Saint filmmaker extrordinaire (filmography:  17 Miracles; Ephraim's Resccue; The Cokeville Miracle; Love Kennedy, The Fighting Preacher, and many more), who has a new film in theaters now, Escape From Germany (PG).  This historically accurate film, the story-line of which is derived from the personal diaries of the missionaries and others who experienced it, describes the miracles, and inspired decisions made by the President Heber J. Grant, the President of the LDS Germany Mission when World War II started, and many others, which enabled Mormon missionaries to escape from Nazi Germany during the final days before Hitler closed the boarders of Germany, invaded neighboring countries, and started World WW2.  This extraordinary film is a must see, accurate historical drama, from a new perspective, and is appropriate for the entire family.  Host Martin Tanner highly recommends this movie from one of the very best LDS filmmakers, T.C. Christensen    

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