(REPLAY) Finding success as an actor but drowning in addiction with Michael Birkeland

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(REPLAY) Finding success as an actor but drowning in addiction with Michael Birkeland


Published on Sep 12, 2023, 12:00:00 AM
Total time: 00:53:41

Episode Description

Casey Scott and Dr. Matt are joined by Michael Birkeland (actor and producer, known for Phobic [2020], The Singles Ward [2002], and Everything You Want [2005]) to talk about his experience working in the film industry and his work with LDS comedies. We also dive into his experience with using cocaine to stay focused in the 90s and how abusing drugs caused him to spiral into addiction.

Then we talk about how early childhood trauma caused Michael to repress those memories that shaped his perception of women, trying to detox from his addiction in a hotel by himself, and how the entire experience changed his life.

Lastly, Michael recalls how he met his wife at a gas station on his road to recovery and how it helped him during his sobriety.

To learn more about Michael Birkeland, you can visit his website here:


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