Meth Addiction From a Young Adult’s Perspective with Jesse Carlin

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Meth Addiction From a Young Adult’s Perspective with Jesse Carlin


Published on Oct 24, 2023, 1:18:26 AM
Total time: 00:57:33

Episode Description

Jesse Carlin joins Casey Scott and Dr. Matt Woolley to open up about his first time smoking weed in middle school, being scared off of marijuana after having a horrifying experience, and how the pressure to fit in led Jesse to smoke meth at sixteen years old.

Jesse also talks about chasing the feeling that he first felt when he tried meth for the first time, chasing a high just to feel normal after becoming dependent on heavy drugs, and how his drug use impacted his relationship with his family.

Then Jesse shares what his rock bottom looked like while running and gunning, the moment he knew he needed to reach out for help to try and get sober, and how he envisions his life moving forward now that he’s living in recovery.

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