Dalibor Rohac: Is the US Foreign Policy Broken?

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Dalibor Rohac: Is the US Foreign Policy Broken?


Published on May 21, 2024, 2:44:27 PM
Total time: 00:10:13

Episode Description

Public discontent with America's foreign policy is on the rise. Critics allege a troubling trend: a "uniparty" mentality where both major parties prioritize short-term fixes over long-term strategies. This, they argue, leads to a cycle of endless wars and missed opportunities. Dalibor Rohac from American Enterprise Insitute argues that a biparisan consensus in foreign policy can be the cornerstone of American diplomacy - if we let it. What are the solutions and leadership qualities needed for a more effective US role in the world? And how can we adjust our foreign policy to the ever changing world dynamic?

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