How do we fix the child care crisis in Utah?

A Woman's View with Amanda Dickson

How do we fix the child care crisis in Utah?


Published on Feb 16, 2024, 9:19:57 AM
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Let's talk about child care for a minute. For so many families, this is their primary issue. Parents either can't find child care at all, and if they do find it, it is so expensive it doesn't make sense. The Utah Legislature is debating different ideas to address this issue. KSL Newsradio's Amanda Dickson asked her guests about this on A Woman's View. Her guests this week include Susan Madsen, Founder and Director of the Utah Women and Leadership Project, Ginette Bott, President and CEO of the Utah Food Bank, and Luz Lewis Perez, the Director of Development for the Kidney Foundation for Utah and Idaho. 

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